Switch On Your Pokemon Go Singapore For Halloween Surprises!

After the initial craze, Pokémon GO had been gradually sliding down in App Store rankings as more and more folks got bored that there are no new Pokemon to add to their collection or just do not see the point of fighting it out for another fleeting gym leadership. But Niantic’s latest Halloween Surprises Update is here to change the scene from now till 1st November 2016 ! Halloween is about two things: ghosts and candy. This update focuses on both of them and that’s great news for anyone who’s still trying to fill out their Pokédex and you fans out there who are dying to find good reasons to switch on your Pokemon Go again! If you are a noob (which is highly unlikely), please read Ultimate Pokemon Go Hunting Guide For Pokemon Trainers.

1. More Candies For Your Catches

Only during this period, every Pokémon you catch will be awarded six Candies which is twice the normal amount. Even the hot hunky Professor is feeling generous. He will give you two Candies instead of one for every Pokémon you transfer to him. That means eight in total per Pokémon, which makes some of those high-end evolutions a lot more doable. To decide where to go to catch the maximum Pokemon during this period, read our guide – Updated Pokemon Go Spawn Hotspots In Singapore To Catch Them All

2. Put On Your Walking Shoes

Your friendly Buddy Pokémon will start award Candy four times faster than they usually do (Damn, they should do this all the time). Plus, you’ll get twice the Candy you’d normally get when you hatch Eggs. So if you’ve had a rare Pokémon that you’ve been wanting to evolve but haven’t wanted to put in the grind on, now might be a good time to double your rewards before returning to the stinginess of the base game. It is the best time to put on your walking shoes and catch all the Pokémon you can to get your fill of Candy during this festive period! You may also like to check out our guide – Pokemon Go Buddy System, Candy & Pokemon Buddy Chart Explained!

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3. Spooky Pokemon On The Prowl

If you have not been so lucky with rare Pokemon like Haunter and Hypno, this is the season to start playing again! The Pokémon in the spooky category will also be much more common leading up to Halloween. Be on the lookout for more of the following Pokémon on your trick-or-treat route: Zubat, Golbat, Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, Drowzee and Hypno. To assess how strong your newly caught Pokemon are, check out Pokemon Go Appraisal – Team Leader’s Appraise Meaning Decoded

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4. Cubone, Marowaks & Meowths Too!

Besides the spooky Pokemon, you will also see an increased number of Cubones, Marowaks and Meowths, bumping the number of frequent spawns from seven to ten.

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5. Lures & Incenses Gets Targetted

It is important to note that lures and incense will attract Halloween Pokemon more frequently during this period but your familiar regular Pokemon will still spawn at their nests. To strategize where to catch your Pokemon, read our Pokemon Go Guide – Where To Catch 15 Rare Pokemon In Singapore

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6. Imposters Alert!

We are not sure if it is a glitch. Some wild encounters appear to be a Halloween species, but end up a different Pokemon once captured!

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7. No Bonus For Evolving

Although it has been confirmed that catches, transfers and hatches will give you double candies, the sad part is that evolving a Pokemon does not. So you may wanna hold your evolution till later promotions.

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8. Maximize your storage

To reap in the most benefits from this promotion, it’s time to trade in your excess Pokémon for the double trade in bonus for each one. If you have any beloved Pokémon you don’t want to risk trading in by accident, star them now to avoid mistakes later. As you catch, do all your trades and clear out as much storage as you can so you can go catch more Pokémon, get the 2x catch bonus, and not have to worry about any annoying “storage full” errors when you’re in the think of things.

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9. Family & Friends Bonding

Get your family and friends and hunt for these spooky Pokemon together! Halloween especially is a time to trick or treat in groups, and that’s a perfect fit for Pokémon Go. Not only is it safer, especially at night, it’s considerably more fun. So, get in touch with your teamies, figure out suitable dates and times that work for everyone, and then go out and claim all the candy!

10. Hashtag #PokemonHalloween

For more Halloween fun, be sure to visit Pokemon.com/Halloween, where you can download Pokémon pumpkin stencils and share your festive photos using the hashtag #PokemonHalloween.

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You only have now till 1st November 2016 to capitalise on it. Make it count! To decide where to go to catch the maximum Pokemon during this period, read our guide – Updated Pokemon Go Spawn Hotspots In Singapore To Catch Them All

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