Updated Pokemon Go Spawn Hotspots In Singapore To Catch Them All

It has been a while since Pokemon Go was first launched in Singapore. In the first few weeks, you can still jump a level or two and get your Pokedex updated with new Pokemon. By now, all aspiring Pokemon Trainers should have realised that your current neighbourhood pidgeys and rattatas are not going to cut it. There was also changes in Spawn Hotspots in Singapore as well. Some trainers shared that some hotspots are no longer spawning rare Pokemon. To help you save time and focus your efforts, here’s our updated Pokemon Go spawn hotspots in Singapore to catch them all!

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1. Vivo City 

Home to MagiKarps, Psyducks, Tentacools as well as rare Pokemon like Dratini and Snorlax. We like it because this is one of the spots that can help you gain the most Magikarps within the shortest time possible for your ultimate Gyarados (especially if you have made the rookie mistake of evolving a low CP Magikarp with your first 400 candies.). The number of Pokestops and lures set up by Pokemon Trainers are insane making this an also place for trainer level up as well!

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2. Sentosa Island

If you have yet to catch your first Pikachu then this is the spot for you. Although Universal Studios Singapore is still your best spot for Pikachu buffet, we realised that there are some wandering Pikachu near the entrance to the island after Gateway Avenue as well.

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3. Esplanade

The coastline along the Esplanade is another great spot to capture water-based Pokemon. There were rumours that the legendary Gyarados can be spotted weaving through the waves of Pokemon every now and then. Plus we also love this hotspot because of the numerous Pokestops and lures set along the waterfront. Time to switch on your incense and walk to and fro the hotspot!

4. Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Despite after a few weeks of Pokemon hunting, this hotspot is still the sweet spot with most Pokemon trainers. This place spawns insanely rare Pokemon such as Dragonair, Snorlax and very rarely Aerodactyl. We realised the trick is to make friends and follow the super serious Pokemon Trainers with their Pokemon Go Radar and just run along when you see the herd moving. They are often on to something good.

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5. Changi Village

This sleepy village has seen a lot more action after Pokemon Go hit our shores. You will be able to find Dragonair flying through occassionally as well as other rare Pokemon like Snorlax and Pikachu. The crowd here is pretty crazy as well. Same advice, just follow the hardcore ones when they move and you should be hitting something amazing

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6. 401 Hougang Ave 10

This Pokemon hotspot is a great place to be if you are very focused on gaining Trainer Levels. The rate at which Pokemon are being spawned is out of the world but if you are heading here to catch rare Pokemon you may be disappointed. Awesome place for community bonding with the Hougang residents, use a lucky egg and mass evolve your pidgey and rattatas that you have caught and that’s about it. There are some dratini if you are interested.

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7. Ion Orchard

The spawn in the outdoor area of Ion Orchard is still pretty good but it seem that the occurrence of rare Pokemon is dwindling. Nevertheless you can still get to shop and dine while you are at it!

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8. Other hotspots

If you are not keen to travel or squeese with the crowd, you may like to check out these smaller hotspots for at your convenience.

– Singapore Management University

– Chinese & Japanese Garden

– Suntec City

– Botanic Gardens

– Woodlands Waterfront Park

We hope you find this updated hotspot guide useful. Do share with your friends and jio them for a weekend of team Pokemon hunting! You may also like to check out our post on Pokemon Go Appraisal – Team Leader’s Appraise Meaning Decoded

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