Why A Vineyard Is The Perfect Place For A Wedding Venue

A vineyard is probably one of the most romantic places to book as your wedding venue. It’s one of a kind experience not just for the couple but also for the guests. If you’re in the planning stage of your wedding and are looking at possible venues to consider, you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you 5 reasons why vineyards are the perfect place for a wedding venue. Hopefully, it’ll give you some insight and inspiration in deciding for your venue.

1. Effortlessly beautiful scenery

Vineyards have a unique landscape that’s perfect for any romantic occasion. The huge plantation of grape-bearing vines is a sight to behold, with fields of lush greenery extending to a marvellous horizon. It’s easy to fall in love in a venue like this, weddings will be made more beautiful and more romantic. Your guests would appreciate your choice and will always remember your wedding fondly. And of course, the couple will surely love one of a kind vineyard wedding.

2. Two locations in one

Because of its nature, vineyards offer a vast field where you can set up just about anything, making it the best place to hold both your ceremony and reception. No more travelling time from the church venue to the reception area. You can gather all your suppliers in one place and have them set up something that would easily accommodate two programs.

You can hold the ceremony and religious rites outside and overlooking the sunset. Then you can move to the reception area either in another open space across the field, or indoors in a barn specifically made to cater events.

3. Easy accommodation

Vineyards today have evolved not just from a winemaking facility but also to an events venue. This makes it easy for you to book accommodation packages to you and your squad. There’s usually a small cottage where the bride and groom can stay for preparations, and also ample space to accommodate guests looking to spend the night after the festivities. A lot of vineyards have taken advantage of their capacity to offer much more than a winery. So today, you’ll be surprised to find a lot of vineyards that double as an events place as well.

4. Natural backdrops

Having a vineyard wedding guarantees a beautiful backdrop you’ll never stop gushing about. From the majestic horizon, rolling hills, lush grape vines, and blooming gardens, you’ll never run out of backdrops to take photos in. Your photographer will have a great time framing you in front of a natural landscape. You can also save money on styling as your venue itself is already naturally styled. Plus your guests will definitely enjoy roaming about the area.

5. Great wine and dine experience

One of the biggest selling points of a winery wedding is not just the unique experience of getting married in a beautiful vineyard, it’s also the great wine and dine experience that’s a given with places like these. Wineries uphold a reputation of serving high-quality dishes and great tasting wine. They take pride in farm to table dishes and serve only fresh produce to their guests. A vineyard wedding will be a gastronomic delight you’ll surely enjoy. 

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