5 Amazing Types Of Adventure Holidays For Your Next Getaway

Need an adrenaline fix? Tired of the same-old, same-old? Ready to try something new? If you are an adventurous type there are plenty of options to choose from all over the world, from Costa Rica to South Africa. Here are 5 amazing types of adventure holidays for your next getaway. 

1. Surf away your worries in Costa Rica 

Costa Rica has over 1000 km of pristine Pacific coastline to explore, with many excellent surf spots such as Santa Teresa, Tamarindo and Jaco. Joining a surf camp can be a great way to learn to surf from experienced surf instructors. Enjoy the surf culture that goes with it. Meet friends, share your surfing moments sitting around the bonfire late into the night. There many surf camp guides that will help you research different surf camps in Costa Rica and choose the one that best suits your requirements.

2. Paddle the great outdoors in North America

If sea kayaking is your thing, North America provides ample opportunities for this kind of adventure holiday. Here are 5 places worth a shot:

  • Haida Gwaii (British Columbia, Canada) – completely protected national park with a unique ecology
  • Islands of Loreto Bay (Baja, Mexico) – a national marine park with secluded beaches
  • Saguenay Fjord (Québec, Canada) – see ancient glaciers and whales
  • Southern Exuma Cays (The Bahamas) – a tropical paradise with white sandy beaches and palm trees including mangrove forests
  • Baffin Island (Nunavet, Canada) – for experienced kayakers you are guaranteed to see whales, migratory birds, seals and more

3. Face your fears and go rock climbing in Thailand

Thailand offers rock climbing opportunities for every level of skill.  A few good locations to consider are Krabi (with tranquil Railay beach being popular), Chiang Mai (a popular formation is Crazy Horse surrounded by jungle), Koh Phi Phi (check out the majestic Tonsai Tower), Koh Tao and Koh Yao Noi.

Some tips to remember: leave no trace (respect the land, bring reusable water bottles and don’t litter), wear proper shoes and keep in mind the local do and don’ts. Visiting a different culture can be an experience you won’t forget but respecting local traditions will go a long way to having a pleasant stress-free experience in the country.

4. Trail run in Scotland

If you’re a seasoned trail runner then the Kintyre Ultra trail race is just for you. It’s a 35-mile ultra-marathon for trail running enthusiasts. Be sure to check out the BBC’s The Adventure Show which covers this scenic race in Episode 1. The race offers breathtaking views across the sea to Arran, Islay, Jura and Gigha at various times.

Trail running involves running mainly on hiking trails in mountainous terrain often in beautiful locations all over the world. Trail runners say there’s less impact stress than road running and that’s why many prefer this kind of running. Remember that locations are often remote. Always run in a group and with someone who has extensive knowledge of the area.

5. Sandboard the dunes in South Africa

If you find yourself curious to visit South Africa then why not try sandboarding. One of the best places is in Atlantis, about 40km north of Cape Town. Dunes reach as high as 35m providing great views of the surrounding landscape.

It’s great exercise walking to the top of the dune (no lifts, sorry!) and it’s a fun thing to do in a group. You can compete with your friends to see who’s the fastest down the dune! Kiddies can have just as much fun as the adults and take to sandboarding easily. You can arrange a sandboarding party with various operators (try Downhill Adventures), it’s fun for all and gets kids moving and expending some of their energy in a safe, outdoor environment.

Don’t forget there are plenty of local getaways to choose from in South Africa so your experience there isn’t limited to sandboarding only.

We hope we’ve inspired you to get your adventure shoes on and give some of these activities a try. There are tons more to do when it comes to adventures holidays. We suggest picking a location that appeals to you and researching what you can do in that area or speak to a tour operator that can guide you to the best adventures in their area. Now go on and have some fun!

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