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South Korea DAILY BEER Opens 1st Overseas Outlet At Telok Ayer

DAILY BEER, one of South Korea’s most beloved and largest craft beer and fried chicken chains, opens its first international location today in the heart of the bustling Telok Ayer district – the culinary epicentre of Singapore’s Central Business District, just across from Amoy Street Food Centre. Opened in partnership with local F&B operator Katrina Group, DAILY BEER introduces a dynamic pairing of popular Korean grub and exclusive craft beers to Singapore’s K-obsessed culture vultures and passionate foodies.

Since its founding in 2014, the brand has grown to over 370 outlets across South Korea, including both company-owned and franchised locations, and amassed a legion of fans across the country including celebrities like Xiumin of EXO, the cast of SBS’s variety show “Running Man,” actors Kim Da-mi and Cho Yeo-jeong, and popular Korean YouTubers like Sanghaegi and Pungja.

DAILY BEER has also been awarded industry recognitions, including the “Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Award” for its significant contributions to the development of Korea’s franchise and domestic craft beer industry, and a four-time recipient of the Excellent Brand Award by Korea JoongAng Daily.

Local F&B operator Katrina Group, whose existing brands include beloved foodie hotspots like So Pho, Streats and Bali Thai, is responsible for bringing DAILY BEER’s innovative concept to Singapore’s shores. Katrina Group Executive Chairman and CEO Mr Alan Goh shares, “Our partnership with DAILY BEER is founded on a shared vision of introducing a novel Korean concept with exceptional fried chicken and specialty Korean craft brews to truly stand out in the market. This venture provides us an opportunity to grow our F&B portfolio and we are confident DAILY BEER will resonate well with locals.”

“We are very proud and excited to expand outside of South Korea, and even more thrilled that our first overseas debut is in the beautiful city of Singapore. Our two countries have had a long- standing relationship and admiration of each other’s cultures, and we are also aware that Singaporeans have a great appreciation for and understanding of food, which we think will translate to a love for DAILY BEER. Our goal in Singapore is to showcase high-quality Korean craft beer that can be enjoyed conveniently and we can’t wait to bring our unique take on Korean bar grub to local diners,” shares Mr Lim Sang Jin, Founder of DAILY BEER.


What makes DAILY BEER unique is the way their craft beers are produced intentionally and passionately, through their own ‘beer platform’. Instead of selling pre-made brews, the brand collaborates with local small-batch breweries across South Korea to produce craft beers exclusive to DAILY BEER. In doing so, DAILY BEER not only ensures the highest quality brews, but interesting varieties that can only be enjoyed at their outlets.

DAILY BEER’s Singapore outlet features a menu of seven craft beers served from the tap, each differentiated by its flavour profile and designed to pair with selected items from the food menu. For example, the Kampong Pilsner ($14++) is a crisp and clean brew that perfectly complements french fries, while the K-Festbier ($14++) is a Marzen-style lager with a harmonious blend of sweet, caramel malt flavours, best enjoyed with sausages.

The menu also features craft beers exclusive to Singapore, like the Telok Hazy IPA ($15++), a variety developed in collaboration with local brewery Brewerkz, named after the Telok Ayer location. Uniquely brewed using only Korean yeast that is cultivated in-house in Korea, and exported to Singapore for brewing, this IPA features a rich aroma from Galaxy, Motueka, Citra, and Mosaic hops, and is the perfect complement to fried chicken and the tropical Singapore climate. Another Telok Ayer exclusive, the Telok Pale Ale ($14++), offers a refreshing, fruity aroma and flavour with Chinook, Idaho, and Simcoe hops, a perfect match for chicken and tteokbokki.

Another tipple made for the Singapore heat is the K-Ginseng Lager ($13++), brewed with whole Korean ginseng and designed to revitalise and uplift, and an excellent companion to fried dishes, salads, and fruits.

Patrons who are spoilt for choice can opt for the Beer Flight (200ml x 5 for $35++), which offers a journey across a selection of five DAILY BEER craft beers. Guests can also opt for the Real K- Somaek 500 ($17++), a unique concoction of smooth Korean soju and ginseng beer, offering an authentic Somaek experience for any fun evening. Non-alcoholic beverage options are also available.


The culture of beer and fried chicken in Korean is often referred to as “chimaek,” a creative combination of the word “chicken” and “maekju,” the Korean word for beer. As a beloved combination in South Korea, it initially gained immense popularity in the 1990s. The social aspect of having fried chicken paired with beer has grown to be almost synonymous with Korean dining culture, as it is common for people to gather with friends or colleagues at a “chimaek” spot in the evenings or after work hours, to enjoy this addictively tasty combo.

Fried chicken in Korea is often double-fried to achieve a really crispy and crunchy exterior while maintaining a very juicy interior. Korean fried chicken also comes in a diverse variety of flavours, which sets it apart from fried chicken in other parts of the world.

At DAILY BEER, fresh chicken is dipped in a secret batter and dredged through flour, then slowly lowered into sizzling hot oil to turn the chicken golden and crunchy. Patrons who prefer their chicken in its crispy, original glory can opt for the signature Angry Bird ($30.90++ for 8 whole pieces, Boneless 600g at $28.90++ or Wings 600g at $27.90++), a moreish and delicious fried chicken, with a crunchy exterior and juicy interior. Guests can also enjoy the signature Angry Bird in four addictive flavours ($33.90++ for 16 whole pieces, Boneless 600g at $30.90++, or Wings 600g at $29.90++).

For a fiery kick, the Angry Bird Red takes the original chicken and tosses them in a thrilling red and spicy Angry Bird Sauce, with roasted sesame seeds sprinkled on top for additional crunch. Angry Bird Black is drenched with crowd-pleasing flavours of a dark, sticky sweet garlic aged soy sauce and topped with roasted sesame seeds, while Angry Bird Kimchi coats the chicken in tart and spicy kimchi seasoning. For a unique treat, Angry Bird Crunch is enveloped in a sweet, spicy, corn flakes garlic seasoning after the chicken is fried extra crispy for an added textural experience.

In addition to their signature fried chicken dishes, DAILY BEER also offers a variety of all-time favourite Korean dishes such as the Daily Budae Tteokbokki ($30++), a Korean Army Stew with chewy rice cakes, assorted sausages and springy noodles in a delicious, spicy hot soup. For non- spicy lovers, opt for the Premium Fish Cake Soup ($28++), a warm and comforting broth topped with a variety of fish cakes and shrimp skewer.

Other highlights from the menu include Grilled Dried Pollack ($28++), a popular side dish in Korea, and the crispy Original French Fries ($16++) with original seasoning or a spicy kimchi seasoning, to pair with the fried chicken or to snack on with the fresh craft beers. Patrons can also opt for half of each flavour, which makes for a greater variety of selection. For a light, refreshing but equally satisfying option, the Cajun Chicken Salad ($26++) offers a nice contrast of crisp salad and crunchy fried chicken toppings, drizzled with a creamy dressing or a tangy sweet and sour dressing for Chinese Style Chicken Salad ($26++).


With its location in the heart of the Central Business District, DAILY BEER also offers set lunches for busy professionals in the area looking for a quick but tasty treat. Signature lunch menu offerings available exclusively in Singapore include the Chicken Bibimbap Set ($16++) – hot crispy chicken with either black or red sauce, atop a flavourful kimchi fried rice bursting with umami, paired with seaweed, kimchi cheese ball and a cold soft drink or a refreshing Green Plum Ade. Patrons can also choose to add on a Telok Pale Ale ($14++) to go with their lunch set, a refreshing and fruity treat in the sweltering afternoon heat.

DAILY BEER is located at 212 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068645, and opens from 11:30am – 11:00pm from Sundays to Thursdays, and 11:30am – 12:30am on Fridays, Saturdays and public holidays.

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