Pokemon Go Appraisal – Team Leader’s Appraise Meaning Decoded

Everyone in the working world hates ‘Appraisals’. Unfortunately, our adorable Pokemon in Pokemon Go aren’t spare of this cruel treatment. In the latest update of Pokémon Go [version 0.35.0 (Android) and 1.5.0 (iOS)], the ‘Appraise’ feature became available to you, the aspiring Pokemon Trainer! This new feature can be accessed through your individual Pokemon screen. Clicking on the ‘Appraise’ option allows you to learn more about the Attack, Defense and Stamina stats of your individual Pokémon. Pokemon Go Appraisal – Is Your Pokemon A Keeper? Time to find out with Team Leader’s Appraise meaning decoded!

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What Are Pokemon Appraised On? 

Before we do that, let’s first find out what these Pokemon are appraised on. Well, every Pokémon species has a set amount of Attack, Defense and Stamina. However, Individual Value  stat bonuses set Pokémon of the same species apart from one another. For example, every Snorlax will have set stats of:

Stamina: 320
Attack: 180
Defense: 180

With Individual Values (IVs), a Snorlax may have anywhere from 0 – 15 extra stat points for each stat for a max total of 45 extra stat points. This means that a Snorlax with perfect stats would have the following:

Stamina: 335 (+15)
Attack: 195 (+15)
Defense: 195 (+15)

These significance of these statistics are as follow:

– Higher Stamina = Pokémon will have More Hit Points
– Higher Attack = Pokémon will deal more Damage during Gym Battles
– Higher Defense = Pokémon will take Reduced Damage from enemies’ attacks

So what exactly does it mean when your respective Team Leaders make remarks like ‘Overall, your Snorlax simply amazes me. It can accomplish anything!’? That is what we will be helping you decode below.

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Decoding Team Leader’s Appraisal

Depending on the team you select (you may like to read Pokemon Go Guide – Which Pokemon Go Team Is The Best And Why?), Mystic’s Blanche, Valor’s Candela and Instinct’s Spark now have the ability to “appraise” your individual Pokémon and give you a short rundown of how the creature is likely to fare in battle.

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According to information reported by Pokemon GO Gamepress, the first statement will let you know where your Pokemon stands in its species ‘bell curve’ (yeah, we all hate that word. Stop being so competitive!). So when my Team Leader Candela tells me that ‘Overall, your Snorlax simply amazes me. It can accomplish anything!’, I should be thrilled that my Snorlax falls under the Top 82.2% to 100% of its species. He is a keeper and deserves my hard-earned stardust and candies!

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The rest of the conversation will reveal greater details about your Pokemon IV statistics.

Blue Team Stats Analysis

Blue Team Stats Analysis - AspirantSG
Red Team Stats Analysis

Yellow Team Stats Analysis

The ending statement just touched on the size of the Pokemon which is already made available in the respective Pokemon screen. We hope you find this information useful in deciding if your latest catch is a keeper or not. You may also like to read our post on Ultimate Pokemon Go Hunting Guide For Pokemon Trainers

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