5 Good Reasons Why You Should Be Consuming Manuka Honey

Honey from time immemorial has been a superfood. It’s been used as medicine, as a sweetener and more. It’s popularity also has a lot to do with the fact that it does not spoil. People falsely assume that all honey is the same, but the reality is, honey is heavily dependent on the bees and the flowers, the bees thrive on. One special type of honey that is getting the attention of people all over the world is Manuka honey. High-quality Manuka Honey in Singapore is distributed by Huamao. 

What is Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey is a type of honey that is extracted from beehives specifically in New Zealand. The bees in certain parts of New Zealand consume the nectar from the Manuka plant and produce honey that has numerous benefits.  Manuka honey has the following benefits.

  • Help fix a sore throat

A sore throat is one of the most common afflictions. Just a cold breeze that blows across your face can lead to a sore throat. A sore throat also generally lasts for days and the pain is constant. Manuka Honeys antibacterial properties attack the bacteria that causes pain and suppresses it. It also lines up the throat walls which cover the affected area.  

  • Oral Health

Manuka Honey has been known to improve oral health considerably, especially in terms of delaying the build-up of plaque and reducing gingivitis. So if you are one of those people who are prone to gingival bleeding, then consuming Manuka honey is sure to tighten up your gums.

  • Ulcers

An ulcer in the mouth can give us sleepless nights, imagine one in the stomach. Stomach ulcers are deadly and can be caused by various things. One common reason is alcohol consumption. One tablespoon of Manuka honey every day helps with reduction of stomach ulcers. A study conducted on rats, who share 98% of their DNA with humans suggested a reduction in ulcers due to consumption of Manuka honey.

  • Improves Digestion

The best way to judge a person’s overall health is through the digestive process. If digestion is good, then they are considered to be healthy. Anything that aids this process is always good for the body and Manuka honey does the same. It helps with reducing irritation in the stomach and helps with reducing the bad bacteria in the stomach.

  • Acne

Acne can arise in teenagers because of excessive hormones or it can appear in adults because of poor hygiene and bad diet. Following the point mentioned above, as it helps with reducing the inflammation in the stomach, the digestive process becomes better and in turn, reflects on the skin.  So if you want to have glowing, beautiful skin, Manuka Honey is good to add to your diet. If you want to trial taste Manuka Honey in Singapore, attend the World Food Fair. For more details, visit HNZ Honey Singapore.

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