Pokemon Go Buddy System, Candy & Pokemon Buddy Chart Explained!

After a long wait, the buddy system is finally live in Pokemon GO! With the new buddy system, you get to better imagine the close buddy relationship between Ash and Pikachu as both of you venture out on adventures and navigating through your neighbourhood with your faithful Pokemon at your side. Like many of the new introductions to Pokemon GO, it can be a little tricky to know exactly how to best leverage on the buddy system. So read on to have Pokemon Go Buddy System, Candy & Pokemon Buddy Chart explained! Do check out our post on Updated Pokemon Go Spawn Hotspots In Singapore To Catch Them All too!

1. Access Your Pokemon GO Buddy Option

We are seriously showing this just to help noobs to select their Pokemon GO Buddy in the game. To activate it, tap on your trainer profile picture in the lower left-hand corner of your screen. Select “Buddy”. This will allow you to open up your list of Pokemon and select one to follow you around.


2. Pokemon GO Buddy Is Not Your Walkabout Trophy

When it comes to picking your buddy, you can select any Pokemon you own to be your buddy; however, it is highly advised to pick discreetly. Indeed, be certain that you choose a Pokemon you really need candy for not solely because you will look good with a trophy Pokemon walking beside you.

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3. Collect Candies As You & Pokemon GO Buddy Walk

The Pokemon GO Buddy system allow you to collect candies for your buddy Pokemon as you walk. This helps to resolve the problem of not being able to evolve a certain species without being able to find a huge number of the same species in the wild. So, every time you hit a certain distance checkpoint for your given Pokemon, you get rewarded with a candy.

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4. Don’t Change Pokemon GO Buddy At Whim

Unless you have a very compelling reason, you should never change your Pokemon GO Buddy before it clocks its next candy reward. A change will cause you to lose all the distance it has clocked since you paired it with your trainer.

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5. Pokemon GO Buddy Charts

Different Pokemon GO Buddy requires you to walk either 1, 3 or 5 kilometres, depending on how rare the particular species is. Relatively common Pokemon like Pidgey only requires you to walk 1 kilometre, while rarer species like Snorlax and Dratini require five. Here’s a chart breaking down the three categories of buddy Pokemon by The Silph Road




6. Pokemon GO Buddy & Your Gym Career

Pokemon Buddy comes with restricted gym access. Take in mind that Pokemon buddy cannot be placed at gyms- this does not imply that they are completely blocked from combat. It is worthy of note that buddies could still discover candies even after being knocked out in the combat at enemy gyms. You can also train at friendly gyms but they cannot be used to safeguard friendly gyms.

7. Your Top 5 Best Pokemon Buddies

Our top five best potential Pokemon as Buddies are Charmeleon/Charmander, Dratini/Dragonair, Omanyte, Kabuto, and Grimer. You only need 125 Candies to evolve their Pokemon into Charizard or Dragonite while to evolve into Omastar, Kabutops, and Muk, only 50 Candies are required.For us, Charmeleon is the most efficient Pokemon Buddy as it gives you one Candy for every two kilometres.

8. Your 5 Worst Pokemon Buddies

Our five worst Pokemon to use as Buddies, meanwhile, are Zubat, Weedle, Pidgey, Rattata, and Drowzee. Don’t waste your time…

9. How To Have Pikachu (Pokemon Buddy) Sit On Your Shoulder?

Initially, fans state that Pikachu (Pokemon Buddy) will have to walk 10 kilometres to make him sit on their shoulder. But now multiple sources have started claiming that the distance doesn’t matter at all; you just need to collect 10 candies. Eevees, Pidgeys and Weebles will sit on your avatar’s shoulders.

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10. Join The Magikarp Movement

We recommend that you select Magikarp as your buddy which he will then appear right next to your avatar. Besides the ridiculously entertaining scene of Magikarp dutifully flip flopping next to you, you are building your way towards getting another Gyarados. Admittedly actually raising a Magikarp this way is hard work where you get one candy per kilometre but you must admit it is entertaining. There seems to be a worldwide movement for Magikarp buddies.

We hope you find the above information useful. Do check out our post on Updated Pokemon Go Spawn Hotspots In Singapore To Catch Them All too!

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