Your Ultimate Guide To European Street Food

Having traveled to most parts of Asia, I have a general idea of the signature street food that I should look out for in each city. But when it comes to identifying the die die must try street food in European cities, I am totally lost. We either dine in restaurants or purchase snacks that we are familiar when travelling in Europe. It’s a pity because street food captures the essence of a city – it is through street fares that we get to experience the palate of the local folks.

Thankfully, the good people at Wimdu heard our prayers and created a comprehensive infographic that showcases the signature street food of each European city with clear descriptions right down to its calorie counts, prices and ingredients.

Bookmark the post and re-visit the infographic each time you head out to a new European city. Have fun and do remember to share your street food experiences in the comments section below!

An Ultimate Guide To European Street Food - AspirantSG

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