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Sentosa Sensoryscape Promises An Immersive Sensorial Journey

Sentosa Island just soft-launched Sentosa Sensoryscape, a ridge-to-reef landmark connecting everyone from Resorts World Sentosa in the north to Sentosa’s golden beaches in the south with an immersive, multi-sensory experience. This new experiential attraction which is the first milestone of the Sentosa-Brani Master Plan, aims to expand the thoroughfare’s capacity and offer you a unique and inspiring experience as you explore Sentosa. This marks a significant step in Sentosa’s evolution as a leading global leisure and lifestyle destination.

Nestled at the heart of Sentosa, Sensoryscape unfolds across 30,000 square metres, inviting you to experience the island’s rich biodiversity. Home to an array of sensory gardens, Sensoryscape is a 350-meter verdant connector, which combines nature, architecture, and technology to awaken all six senses, including the sense of imagination.

More than just a passage for respite and wayfinding, it comprises sensory gardens: Lookout Loop, Tactile Trellis, Scented Sphere, Symphony Streams, Palate Playground, and Glow Garden. Each is enriched with immersive and audio-visual experiences, inspiring and delighting guests of all ages.

Pushing the boundaries of traditional park design, Sensoryscape creates unique spaces that blend stunning architectures with nature. You can also look forward to an enchanting day-to- night experience supercharged by fascinating digital light art and augmented reality. The entire space encourages everyone to slow down, unwind, and rediscover oneself within a tranquil precinct.

Ms Thien Kwee Eng, Chief Executive Officer of Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) said, “Sentosa Sensoryscape embodies SDC’s commitment to push boundaries and create extraordinary landmarks inspired by the beauty in nature. This thoughtfully designed and welcoming green connector right at the heart of Sentosa will inspire our guests through a plethora of endless and unique discoveries. We look forward to welcoming guests from Singapore and all around the world to Sensoryscape, where a walk in Sentosa will never be the same again.”

Signature architecture that harmonises with nature

Designed by Serie + Multiply, Sensoryscape transcends conventional boundaries between architectural and landscape design. Its sensory gardens, framed by three intricate diagrid structures, harmoniously connect you with the nature that surrounds you. The basket- inspired woven structures of the sensory gardens enclose you within, inviting them to appreciate the curated landscape in your view, while also allowing for quiet contemplative moments.

Meanwhile, the versatile spaces offer up new opportunities for curated events and brand collaborations. As part of SDC’s efforts to collaborate with partners to elevate experiences on the island, SDC is partnering with Samsung Electronics Singapore to heighten photographic experiences to guests at Sensoryscape.

A plethora of immersive audio-visual experiences

Sensoryscape transforms into a night-time spectacle as daylight fades. Here, you are immersed in a nature-inspired soundscape, where interactive digital light art (projection mapping) and augmented reality ignite the sixth sense of imagination. The ImagiNite experience is unique in Southeast Asia and plays out with light shows and digital floor projections across Sensoryscape, weaving narratives that are designed to marvel.

From Symphony Streams’ enchanting underwater worlds to Palate Playground’s interactive projections and Lookout Loop’s light beam dance, augmented reality enriches each environment, seamlessly fusing the tangible with the virtual. The ImagiNite augmented reality offerings can be experienced through the ImagiNite mobile app.

Embark on an unforgettable journey and discover a symphony of unique designs and stunning nature that will rejuvenate and inspire. Sensoryscape awaits, beckoning you and your loved ones to unlock a world of wonder.

Sentosa Sensoryscape will be open to the public from Thursday, 14 March 2024 daily, with the ImagiNite experience starting nightly from 7:50pm. For more information on Sentosa Sensoryscape, please visit

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