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Bold Colours & Retro Intertwine For Jim Thompson 2024 Trends

Following a successful showcase at Paris Déco Off 2024, Jim Thompson, the iconic global lifestyle brand from Thailand, has gleaned four emerging trends in home decorating fabrics that are poised to shape interior design this year. The brand’s participation in the prestigious event allowed for the unveiling of its Spring 2024 Home Furnishings Collection, a testament to Jim Thompson’s dedication to combining timeless elegance with sustainable innovation.

During Paris Déco Off, the most significant international gathering in the home furnishings sector, Jim Thompson captivated design aficionados with their latest collections from Jim Thompson, No.9 Thompson, and Fox Linton. The event, known for guiding the industry towards new horizons of creativity, served as an ideal platform for Jim Thompson to narrate its rich story and display its expertise in textile design and functionality.

The trends identified by Jim Thompson reflect a confident approach to color and a resurgence of romantic, nostalgic influences. ‘Dark and Deep Jewel Tones’ are making a statement, moving away from the neutral palettes that have dominated in recent years, giving rooms a sense of velvety mystery. This is accompanied by a renewed appreciation for ‘Romantic Designs’ — pinks, reds, florals, and lace — proving that these elements can be both sensual and avant-garde.

In parallel with these insights, Jim Thompson introduced their Bloom collection, an ode to botanical wonders, featuring prints, embroideries, and weaves that celebrate the beauty of nature. Complementing this is the SOLSTICE Indoor/Outdoor Fabrics Collection, which combines soft chenille yarns with durable performance and a vibrant color range to ensure both style and functionality in any setting.

Moreover, the brand embraces the ‘Stone Fruit Chic’ trend, highlighting peach fuzz and apricot crush as key hues for 2024 These warm, inviting colors, highlighted by Pantone and WGSN (Worth Global Style Network), offer a refreshing elegance and are versatile enough to create diverse and intriguing narratives within interior spaces.

No.9 Thompson’s ARAGOSTA Indoor/Outdoor Prints embrace this trend with their natural-looking, showerproof polyester fabrics that are perfect for bringing a sense of the outdoors inside. These fabrics are characterized by their excellent durability and light fastness, making them suitable for a variety of applications.

Fox Linton’s commitment to ‘Quiet Luxury’ underlines another strong trend and reflects a focus on classic, timeless pieces that form the foundation of a room’s design. The emphasis is on investment in high-quality pieces that can adapt and evolve over time, much like a carefully curated wardrobe.

“By embracing these trends and new fabric patterns, Jim Thompson opens up endless possibilities for home decoration, inviting everyone to explore and reimagine their living spaces with a fresh perspective for 2024 and beyond. Our Spring 2024 Home Furnishings Collection, featuring offerings from Jim Thompson, No. 9 Thompson, and Fox Linton, embraces current trends while anticipating the discerning preferences of our clientele for high-quality fabrics. Our goal is for every color and pattern in our fabrics to tell a unique story, perfectly tailored to individual spaces and tastes,” says Sasaya N Vesanen, Chief Commercial Officer – Home Furnishings, Jim Thompson.

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