Top 4 Bungee Jumping Spots To Visit In Canada

Canada is definitely not a country that you would visit because of the bungee jumping experience but if you love adrenalin pumping through your veins, why not consider this? There are some pretty interesting Canada bungee jumping spots that you can take into account. They will not make the list of the best ones (you can see them here) but the experience is sure to make you gasp as you jump.

1. Great Canadian Bungee

This is the highest of all the bungee jumping locations you can consider in Canada, perfectly place closed to a deep cliff. We are talking about a 200 feet experience, with an actual bungee jumping height of 160 feet. You just have to keep your eyes open to see the limestone right next to you, making everything quite breathtaking. Since you are surely in for a treat, consider going to Wakefield, Quebec, next as there is a wonderful beach there.

2. Whistler Bungee Jumping

Whistler will always be open. It is a really good choice for those that are trying the activity for the very first time. The location of the actual jump is just fifteen minutes away from Whistler Village, located on highway 99. The jump is close to 160 feet and is over a beautiful river, all around a picturesque gorge. Whistler Bungee Jumping is the highest of the BC jumps. It is definitely the one that is the most beautiful. You will have sights of the Rocky Mountains as you jump, making the experience even more special.

3. West Edmonton Mall Center Of Gravity

In Northern Alberta, you may want to visit West Edmonton Mall. It is quite huge, with so much room being available. If you are interested, you can easily make the arrangements to jump from the mall’s ceiling, right above a large pool located in the mall’s World Water Park. The audience will always be there and the fall is much more impressive than you would believe, around 100 feet. Obviously, you will love what other attractions can be enjoyed. You should know the fact that this is the largest indoor jumping experience you can be a part of all around the world, making the Center Of Gravity a top notch destination you want to consider as an adrenaline lover.

4. Nanaimo Bungee Jumping

The jump here is 150 feet high. It is a bridge bungee jump that takes place over Nanaimo River. Based on a 2006 survey, the Nanaimo Bungee Jumping experience is among the top one hundred things that you have to do when in Canada. Everyone knows that Vancouver Island is a lovely part of the country so seeing it from a bridge makes everything even more special. Until now, close to 200,000 people already jumped at the Nanaimo Bridge and there were no incidents.

All of the 4 spots mentioned are great if you enjoy bungee jumping. Take your vacation rental books and manuals, plan your vacation in Canada and make sure to consider what is offered by this wonderful experience.

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