Tipping Help For A Meal At A Greek Restaurant

After you have enjoyed the spicy, flavourful foods at Greek restaurant, enjoyed a wonderful dessert and find it is time to pay the bill, you may wonder how much to leave as a tip. This can be a tricky situation and will be dependent on a number of contributing factors. When getting greek food to go , it is usually easier to figure out the tip due to the simplicity involved. Understanding what is fair and appropriate for a tip is essential. The information here will help you leave the proper amount for the meal, service and environment at the Greek restaurant where you chose to dine.

Distribution of the Wealth

You should remember that the tip you leave the server for your table is not just going to be pocketed by her. The service staff at a restaurant is a team, which means that they will share the tips that are received and also pay taxes on them. The actual house policy of the restaurant will determine if the gratuities earned during a shift are put in a pool or if they are divided by a point system.

There are also restaurants that leave the servers responsible for tipping their support staff, such as the bartenders, back waiters, runner and bussers. You should also remember that the tips are not just a type of supplement, but are actually the main part of their salary. Many servers make no more than $4.60 per hour, with the rest of their compensation being derived from the tips.

Typical Tipping Standards

Generally speaking, the tip that you leave should needs to range between 15 and 20 percent of the total bill. If the waitperson simply covers the basics for your service, such as getting your food to the table and being available to meet your specific needs, then the 15 percent is appropriate. When the server provides better service, then the gratuity that you leave should also be increased. Some situations where you should increase the tip include if they explain the menu, assist with drink choices and anticipate your needs.

Additional Service Charges

Prior to paying your bill at a restaurant, it is a good idea to scan through the ticket. There are some restaurants that will charge more for late night dining or if there is a larger party and the gratuity charge is included in your check. Looking for these extras will help you avoid tipping the restaurant more than once.

You need to know this type of information in order to get the servers in the restaurant the tips that they need.

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