JustFly Talks: How to travel for a getaway with a 9-5 job?

You see it all the time: friends, or friends of friends, decide to quit the tedious 9 – 5 gig they’ve been complaining about since they got the job, and declared their wanderlust. For some, this is the dream, for others, well… not so much. Though ditching the 9 – 5 job seems like a great opportunity for self-motivators to globe-trot, others depend on that very same job to keep up with life at home. But this doesn’t mean that those who prefer (or need) to keep regular hours are unable to travel, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. JustFly reviews how you can successfully balance a travel lifestyle with your secure, 9 – 5 job!

Changing perspective

For some this question might sound silly: you obviously only have your two week accrued vacation time, and the statutory holidays that your work has to give you time off for. If you’re one of the luckier ones (or if you’ve worked at your job for a while), you may actually have more than the 2 allotted weeks. If so, congrats! If not, JustFly wants you to start thinking about your vacation days in a different way.

First things first, JustFly wants you to shift your perspective about what it means to travel. Travel doesn’t always have to be unattainable, luxury destinations (though it could if you want it to be). Travel is about stepping out of your ordinary, day-to-day and experiencing something new! Planning shorter, and closer trips to home is a great way to get away and see local attractions and sites.

Utilizing your weekends is a great way to shift your perspective when it comes to travel: not only are you close enough to not disrupt your schedule, but you’re also far enough to unplug and unwind. The guaranteed time off is also a way to incentivise yourself to pre-plan and take advantage of last minute deals around you!

How can you afford to travel?

There are plenty of ways to save and afford for a trip. Whether it’s by signing up for hotel privilege programs, or getting credit cards with welcome bonus miles, saving doesn’t have to be such a daunting task.

JustFly’s first suggestion on figuring out your savings plan is to look at your monthly budget. Notice any luxuries (and yes, your 3rd Starbucks coffee is a luxury)? If so, cut it out. Whether its getting thrifty or cutting down on expensive dinners out, saving whatever you can whenever you can is the surest way to making your travel plans a reality.

Once you’ve got your savings plan on the right track, start researching all the how’s, when’s and what’s for your trip. Do you need gear? What about food? How will you get there? These are all financial factors that need to be thought of prior to your trip. Having a solid understanding of what kind of expenses you should expect for your trip is a good guideline of how much you’ll need to save for it.

How to get where you want to go, and plan accordingly

One of the great things about traveling locally is that you can take advantage of what we’ll call “half-planned trips”: you know you want to go somewhere, you have money saved, you have the time off, and you don’t really mind where it is. If this is the case, then research last-minute flight deals near you and get ready to take off on your mini-getaway with little warning, while still being back in time for work on Monday.

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