How To Incorporate A Hong Kong Company In 3 Steps

The primary goal of entrepreneurs and investors is seeing their investments burgeon from one level to another. After commencing operations, an entrepreneur wants to see his company grow into a multinational. But to achieve this goal, you need to incorporate your company in a jurisdiction that can anchor fast company growth and success. The ideal jurisdiction should be a powerhouse, which has been demonstrated to support similar ventures to grow into multinationals.

One of the most outstanding jurisdictions is Hong Kong because of its pro-business administration that goes out of the way to ensure all enterprises succeed. Other benefits of incorporating a company in Hong Kong include:

  1. A straightforward tax regime
  2. Highly developed business infrastructure
  3. It serves as a gateway to the huge Chinese market
  4. Simple business registration procedure

For most businesses (including video production), going offshore is hampered by the complex incorporation procedures. Often, these policies are designed to protect local ventures. But not in Hong Kong! In Hong Kong, the process of registering a business is so simplified that it only requires three simple steps.

Identify a Good Company Agency

In Hong Kong, the Company Ordinance allows you to use an agency to register your company. Imagine registering a company without actually taking a flight to Hong Kong! It is the reality in Hong Kong. When you select an agency, here are the main benefits to anticipate.

  • Agencies are run by experts who have helped other companies grow
  • The agency will prepare all the documents for you, including those that might have looked too complex to you
  • The agency can serve as both your company secretary and address
  • The agency helps you to make your start in Hong Kong smoother

Submit the Required Information

Once you have identified a good agency, the next step is submitting the information it requires to prepare your documents. This will be indeed simple because the agency will be in touch with you until the entire process is over. So what are the details that the company registration agency requires?

  • Your suggested business name – this will be used for company name search
  • Details of your shareholders and directors
  • The nature of your business and its activities

It is important to note that the companies ordinance requires you to have a registered office and address. Indeed, many people find these two items very difficult to comply with because they require hopping from one skyscraper to another and running ads on the daily. But all that have been catered for because the agency you select can serve as your registered address and company secretary.

Get Your Certificate of Incorporation

The agency will submit the company registration documents on your behalf, get the certificate of incorporation and send it to you. It is easier, faster, and cheaper. Note that the certificate of incorporation will allow you to commence activities such as registering the business with the Inland Revenue department, opening a bank account, and starting operations.

If you want to incorporate your business in Hong Kong, the secret to making the process simple is working with a professional agency. The agencies are run by experts and will go to any length to make your business succeed.

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