8 Amazing Tips On Providing Great Experience to Campers

Camping has gained widespread popularity over the years. Statistics reveal that over 77 million US families have at least one member to camp once in a year. With the rise in the population of campers, the number of camping companies has also increased. And to sustain the cut-throat competition, camping companies focus on the way they engage with their campers. Campers are smart and they constantly look for camping companies that offer exceptional services at a competitive budget.

The bad news is almost every other camping company tries to offer the best to their campers. So how to stay ahead of your competitors? Here are 8 simple tips to offer your campers great camping experience. These tips will help you gain the trust of your campers and build long-term relationships with them.

1. Cleanliness

Keeping the camping sites clean and hygienic should be an important consideration for camp organizers. Camping cleanliness covers everything from campers’ personal hygiene to camping site cleanliness, water purification, cookware cleaning, and human waste disposal.

  • Keep the camping site clean and urge your campers to do the same.
  • Camping cookware should be cleaned properly to prevent any infection. Also, urge your cooks to use sanitizers before cooking the meal for the campers.
  • Maintain cleanliness of the surrounding and hygiene of your campers. Dig a hole away from the camping site for the wastewater to settle.
  • Offer proper sanitation services to your campers.
  • Ensure you offer purified (boiled) water to your campers to protect them from infections.

Considering the cleanliness and hygiene will build a positive reputation of your company before the campers.

2. Standardized Gears and Equipment                                                                                                                   

As a camping company, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your campers. Hence, it is crucial that you provide them with the highest quality camping gear and equipment. From tents to sleeping bags, choose state-of-the-art equipment that ensures the safety of your campers.

It is always a good practice to choose standardized camping gears and equipment. These gears are specifically designed keeping the safety on the top. Also, include advanced equipment and camping gear like portable camping shower, GPS trackers, headlamps etc. that make camping easier yet fun for your campers.

3. Basic Amenities

When offering basic services to your campers, think like a camper. Determine what all kind of services you would need if you were a camper. Always consider the comfort of your campers when selecting the services for them.

Basic amenities on a camping site encompass healthy meal, purified water, safety and security measures, protection from the wildlife, first aid and emergency kit, rescue services etc. Hence, ensure you offer the best quality services to your campers.

4. Ice Breaker Sessions

Every camp has many faces that are almost unfamiliar to each other. While some find it easier to blend into their groups, it is difficult for others to open up. Here, you must practice icebreaker sessions to help your campers interact with each other.

Icebreaker sessions are warm-up sessions intended to help the campers in knowing each other. Such activities are important on the first day of the camp to help eliminate the anxiety and hesitation of the campers.

5. Well-planned Schedule

Fun and adventure are the synonyms of camping. Campers choose hiking and camping to take a break from their monotonous routine and spend quality time in nature. As a camp organizer, you must ensure a camping trip that revolves around the interests of your campers.

Include various activities in your camping packages that campers demand the most. Also, prepare the schedule in a way that it keeps the campers engaged all day. Make sure that they do not feel too free or bored. Keep the exciting things rolling on one after the other.

6. Gift them souvenirs

Camping means fun, games, activities. It is an experience to cherish throughout their lives. From meeting new people to trying new adventures together, campers collect many memories to take along. As the camp organizers, you can gift custom made lapel pins as souvenirs to your campers.

Vivipins is an amazing e-store to offer customized lapel pins for various purposes. You can gift beautiful lapel pins with “Fearless Camper” imprinted to your campers for their achievements at the campsite. These customized lapel pins will always remind the campers of you and the camping trip.

7. Friendly Trainers

Training is an ongoing process at the camping site, especially for the first time campers. Hence, you should ensure that your trainers are friendly enough and treat the campers well. A friendly team is crucial to make campers feel comfortable. If they feel hesitant with the trainers, chances are they would feel uncomfortable at the camping site.

Include trainers who are patient enough to understand the nature and need of the campers and treat them politely. You must also ensure that your training team is certified and trained enough to conduct training sessions at the campsite.

8. Additional Facilities

 Every other camping company offers a similar set of services to the camper (mentioned in the Tip no. 3). If you want your campers to choose you each time they plan their camping trip, you must have a USP. Think of services you can offer to your campers that are rarely offered by your competitors.

You can offer additional services like insurance and indemnity, Wi-Fi, camper van, portable library, food store, laundry, a photographer, portable heaters, sightseeing to nearby places, and more.

The Take-Away

Offering the highest quality of customer service is the key to customer retention. Offer them what they expect and you’ll earn their trust forever. As a camping company, following the above-discussed tips will definitely help you win over your campers and bring them back to you.

If you want to share your own tips with our readers, feel free to drop your suggestions in the comment box below.

Till then, happy camping!

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