Taichung, Chiayi & Alishan Itinerary – Taiwan Nature & Cultural Escapade

Taiwan is a beautiful country with lots of natural, cultural and urban attractions. If you have only visited Taipei, we recommend you to venture out to its more historical and cultural cities such as Taichung and Chiayi. Chiayi, in particular, is the gateway city to visit the famed Alishan – a mountain province filled with […]

Top 10 Muslim-friendly Destinations 2019 Recommended By Expedia

Always worried about the availability of halal establishments when you travel with your loved ones? Just last month, Mastercard and CrescentRating released its Global Muslim Travel Index 2019, which highlighted some of the top Muslim-friendly travel destinations in Asia and around the world. To take the stress out of family travel planning, Brand Expedia has […]

Taichung Rainbow Village – Taiwan Colourful Instagram Perfect Village

Located along the western coast of Taiwan, the city of Taichung is widely regarded as the place where northern and southern Taiwanese culture meet. Many tourists just pass through the city as they venture to popular tourist destinations like Cing Jing Nantou as well as Sun Moon Lake. That is quite a pity because Taichung […]

What You Need to Know About Taiwan’s Biggest Outdoor Expo

Are you planning on paying a visit to one of the biggest outdoor shows in Asia – the Taiwan Outdoor Show? If it’s written down in your calendar then there are some details you should acquaint yourself with before you arrive at the show, for instance, which exhibitors will be showcasing at the event. Considering […]

Justin Hsien Photography (深夜名堂) Captures Hot Taiwanese Hunks

No one really knew when and where the craze for hot guys with amazing ripped bodies got started. All of a sudden, we see our local guys training hard (even after national service) to shed that last inch of fats on their body to flaunt on their Instagram account. With so many guys doing the […]

Top 10 Waterfall Attractions You Must Visit In Taiwan!

In Taiwan, a mountainous land of stark and seemingly picture perfect landscapes, waterfalls are among one of the most beautiful and diverse natural features. However, as waterfalls are often more remote than public transport can reach, it can be difficult to know just where is worth your while. Check out our list of the ten […]

Top 10 Taipei Themed Cafes For The Best Coffee in Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan may be known for its stinky tofu, beef noodles and diverse street food, but did you know it is also a country filled with coffee connoisseurs? In Taiwan, the coffee is lovingly brewed using a diverse range of methods, right before your eyes. No need for the drink-and-run take-out coffee culture we are used […]

Top 10 Must Visit Travel Attractions In Taichung, Taiwan

Located in the centre of Taiwan, Taichung City is the third-largest city in Taiwan with a population of approximately 2.7 million people. Taichung is a great place to visit for its climate, which is considered to be more comfortable than the hot and humid Taipei, as well as less affected by typhoons. Food is what […]

Discover the serenity and beauty of Miao Li County

Taiwan has been one of my most favourite travel destinations since I first set foot in Taipei in 2009. Six years ago, together with a few friends, we traveled to Taipei City with no expectation but an open mind to explore new friends, cultures and the food of this beautiful country.   I was awed by […]

Top Halal Restaurants – Best Muslim Food Taipei Taiwan Part 1

It is not easy for our Muslim friends to visit a city like Taipei in Taiwan. Language aside, it can be difficult sourcing for Halal certified meals in the buzzing city. But that should not deter you from visiting Taipei, one of Asia’s friendliness destinations, with an breathtaking skyline, amazing shopping and an idyllic countryside to […]

Top 10 Must Visit Tourist Attractions in Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is a unique global city where traditions, culture and innovations seem to co-exist in perfect harmony. Compared to other Asian cities, the warm & hospitable nature of Taiwanese makes exploring Taipei so much easier. Time can be a challenge when trying to experience the multiple facade of Taipei from the lively street-food scene, rowdy night markets […]

Eva Air Hello Kitty Jet Connects Singapore & Taipei Weekly

Following the overwhelming success of chartered flights on EVA Air’s Hello Kitty jets between Singapore and Taipei, EVA Air is proud to announce the launch of a permanent Hello Kitty flight schedule between Singapore’s Changi Airport and Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport. The new scheduled Hello Kitty flights are in addition to EVA Air’s daily existing […]