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Top 10 Must Visit Travel Attractions In Taichung, Taiwan

Located in the centre of Taiwan, Taichung City is the third-largest city in Taiwan with a population of approximately 2.7 million people. Taichung is a great place to visit for its climate, which is considered to be more comfortable than the hot and humid Taipei, as well as less affected by typhoons. Food is what makes Taichung stand out. Famous Taiwanese icons such as bubble tea and sun cakes were both born in Taichung. Taichung is well worth a visit during your travels to Taiwan. Check out our recommendations as a travel influencer on the top 10 must-visit travel attractions in Taichung Taiwan if your time is limited!

1. Attractions In Taichung Taiwan – Fengjia Night Market: Night Life Destination

Fengjia Night Market is the biggest, most popular, and most interesting night market in Taiwan. Although it originated as a small market around Fengjia University, today, this place attracts over a hundred million visitors annually and does billions of TWD dollars business every year. And there is a reason. If you want nightlife, Fengjia Night Market beats the rest. READ MORE

Fengjia Night Market

2. 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan: After-shocks Today

The 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan is guaranteed to leave a deep impression on your mind. With an interactive earthquake simulator room, as well as detailed information about the 921 Earthquake of 1999, this museum must be one of the most resonant in Taiwan. It is made even more touching because it is situated in the epicenter of where the worst of the damage occurred on that fateful day. READ MORE

921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan

3. Taichung Rainbow Village 

Located along the western coast of Taiwan, the city of Taichung is widely regarded as the place where northern and southern Taiwanese culture meet. Many tourists just pass through the city as they venture to popular tourist destinations like Cing Jing Nantou as well as Sun Moon Lake. That is quite a pity because Taichung is a great place to experience the interesting and unique culture of Central Taiwan. When we last visited Taichung, we explore the famous Taichung Rainbow Village – a small village with gorgeous painted murals all over its walls. If you are into amazing shots, you must visit this colourful Instagram perfect village in Taiwan. READ MORE

4. Lavender Cottage: Cozy Countryside

Lavender Cottage is one of the cosiest, cutest and most relaxing little places you can find in Taichung. A beautiful lavender farm and coffee shop, the purple decorations dotted around the pretty little garden make the grass seem even greener. Removing your shoes to sit under a parasol outdoors is a perfect way to experience afternoon tea. READ MORE

Lavender Cottage

5. Attractions In Taichung Taiwan – Wufeng Lin Family Mansion: Timeless Wealth

Wufeng Lin Family Mansion is a place of luxury and grace where it is still possible to see the traditional Chinese architecture that once characterized the residences of the wealthiest in Taiwan. Given the influence that the Lin family has had in Taiwan history, this is an essential destination for those wanting to understand the timelessness of power and money. Indeed, members of the Lin family still live here today! READ MORE

Wufeng Lin Family's Mansion

6. Qingshui Pork Rib Noodles: Local Favorite

The food at Qingshui Pork Rib Noodles is not bad at all, especially the signature ribs, which have first been fried and then boiled. When you taste this dish, you will be pleasantly surprised by the lovely aroma of the pork and the tastiness of the soup broth. Situated in the middle of Taichung, come to Qingshui Pork Rib Noodles for a hearty Taiwanese style meal as the locals like it. READ MORE

Qingshui Pork Ribs Noodle - Fuxing

7. National Museum of Natural Science: Fun Learning

Over 30 permanent exhibit areas cover subjects on astronomy, space science, palaeontology, ecology, gems and minerals, Taiwanese Aborigines, and tropical plants at the National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung. With over three million visitors annually, this is a hands-on science learning experience for all ages! READ MORE

National Museum of Natural Science

8. Xinfeng Farm: Fruit-picking Fun

Xinfeng Farm is truly the place to come if you’re hungry for a bite of nature! Providing a wonderful setting for a genuine fruit picking experience that kids and adults alike will enjoy, grapes are the particular pride and joy of this place. After a long day picking and eating fruit here, you can always stay in the clean and inexpensive accommodation provided on the farm. READ MORE

Xinfeng Farm

9. Taichung Second Public Market: Traditional Local Foods

Taichung’s Second Public Market provides a charm that you could never find in a supermarket. Built as early as 1917, it used to be the go-to destination for wealthy Japanese looking for up-market goods. Today, customers can’t miss the famous buns, noodles, minced pork rice, and black tea on offer here! READ MORE

Taichung Second Public Market

10. Attractions In Taichung Taiwan – Jiting: Hot Pot with a Twist

Originally a hot pot eatery hidden on Yizhong Street, Jiting has developed into a chain business with three restaurants in Taichung. Its success is due to its large portions, great soup stock, and attractive price. The hot pot flavours most recommended are cream cheese or the signature kimchi style. These two variations cannot be found in other restaurants in Taiwan! READ MORE


Bonus Eats – Ergua Stinky Tofu: Best Stink in Town

If you are after cheap, authentic Taiwanese food, don’t miss Ergua Stinky Tofu – when stinky tofu is done well, it is really good. In fact, if you had to choose the best three stinky tofu vendors in Taiwan, this modest little shop that only nearby residents know about would absolutely make the cut. Go and find out the prized secret of Taichung locals! READ MORE

Ergua Stinky Tofu


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