Top 10 Taipei Themed Cafes For The Best Coffee in Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan may be known for its stinky tofu, beef noodles and diverse street food, but did you know it is also a country filled with coffee connoisseurs? In Taiwan, the coffee is lovingly brewed using a diverse range of methods, right before your eyes. No need for the drink-and-run take-out coffee culture we are used to in the West, Taiwanese people prefer savouring their brew. And nowhere is this truer than in Taipei, where the little corners of the city hide a variety of personality-filled coffee shops that delight SOHO’s, night-owls or morning worm-catchers in equal measure. Check out our list of the top 10 Taipei themed cafes for the best coffee in Taipei, Taiwan!

Second Floor Cafe Taipei Taiwan - AspirantSG

1. Taipei Themed Cafes – Debut Café: Quality Coffee

Debut Café serves up fine coffee. How do we know? Because the staff are trained to inspect each cup under fluorescent light and watch it carefully as it brews. The only drawback of this place is that it can be somewhat hard to find. But, hey, maybe that sorts the wheat from the chaff. Once you do find it, you won’t regret the effort; finally, you’ll know what quality coffee tastes like! READ MORE

Debut Cafe Taipei Taiwan - AspirantSG

2. Taipei Themed Cafes – Kuazhang Retro Café: Old-Style Sipping

Like nostalgic pop music, retro furniture and great coffee? Then you’ll love Kuazhang Retro Café. One of the only retro cafes in Taiwan, it is a trip down memory lane complete with bespectacled book-reading customers, who, after many years of custom, are as much part of the café as the Trojan rocking chairs they sit on. READ MORE

Kuazhang Retro Cafe Taipei Taiwan - AspirantSG

3. Taipei Themed Cafes – Qingtian 76: Taipei, Half A Century Ago

Coffee at Qingtian 76 is a delightful experience, complete with a tranquillity that contrasts to the hustle and bustle of Daan District where it is located. Customers here can enjoy the dining space indoors, the tatami or the outdoor area. Needless to say, there is a Japanese atmosphere to this café; it used to be an old dormitory in the Japanese era. Recommended for lovers of peace and quiet. READ MORE

Qingtian 76 Taipei Taiwan - AspirantSG

4. Taipei Themed Cafes – Coffee Essential: Word of Mouth Initiation

Coffee Essential is one of the several cafes in Minsheng Community that SOHO workers love to frequent. What makes this one different is its relative fame, even though it features no obvious signboard and no bright exterior. Still, once you’ve heard about this place, you tend to come back. Hot drinks, desserts and a to-die-for berry smoothie are tempting pull factors. READ MORE

Coffee Essential Taipei Taiwan - AspirantSG

5. Taipei Themed Cafes – Hooooo Café: Toy Story

Hooooo Café is the talk of the town, but not so much for its great coffee as for its bizarre décor. Full to the brim with toys (yes, toys!), this café appeals to the young or young at heart. The toys have been artfully arranged and accompany numerous comic books and magazines available for customers. A fun cup of coffee is guaranteed! READ MORE

Hooooo Cafe Taipei Taiwan - AspirantSG

6. Taipei Themed Cafes – Dawn Surf & Co. Café: Freelancer’s Heaven

Dawn Surf & Co. Café is a surf-themed café hidden in a small lane in Xinyi District. Its warm wooden décor and wonderful surfing related photos give you a sense of the enthusiasm and ingenuity that has gone into creating this café. As it is open until 3am, midnight coffee is definitely up for grabs here, as is wifi, electricity plugs, and some great meals for the more “long-term” among us. READ MORE

Dawn Surf & Co. Cafe

7. Taipei Themed Cafes – Journey Kaffe Yangguang: Thought-through Classic

Situated in the IT district of Neihu, Journey Kaffe Yangguang has much competition, as coffee shops are situated on nearly every street corner. But this place easily makes the cut. With power sockets, table lamps and a wide variety of foods and drinks, this is a busy and much-loved café. Aside from great coffee, there is also great DIY pizza on offer! READ MORE

Journey Kaffe - Yangguang Taipei Taiwan - AspirantSG

8. Taipei Themed Cafes – Cup & Plate: Personality-full

Cup & Plate screams out the owner’s personality. With an antique BMW placed in the middle of café, an old style film camera and an enormous radio featured, the dim yellow interior of the café is as delightful as the imported beer and sparkling water on offer. While you can still find coffee here, the owner here has deliberately attempted to differentiate Cup & Plate from the rest of the cafés in Taipei. And we think he has done exactly that! READ MORE

Cup & Plate Taipei Taiwan - AspirantSG

9. Taipei Themed Cafes – Moooon River Café & Books: Book-wormed Caffeine

With baroque style decorations, you might be forgiven for thinking you have entered into a European library when you come to Moooon River Café & Books. The menu is written on the pages of an English language classic, and the natural interior lighting is simply charming. Book-lovers be warned, the scones and coffee here may be so delightful to you that you don’t ever leave to see the rest of Taiwan! READ MORE

Moooon River Cafe & Books Taipei Taiwan - AspirantSG

10. Taipei Themed Cafes – Boan 84 Café: Coffee = Doctor’s Prescription

Remodelled from a traditional Chinese medicine clinic, Boan 84 Café has become a very popular destination renowned among tourists and locals alike. Serving unquestionably good coffee, the brews served here have something of a remedial quality about them. Maybe one coffee a day does keep the doctor away! Just beware of the skeleton doctor in the washroom! READ MORE

Boan 84 Taipei Taiwan - AspirantSG

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