25 Popular Singapore Male Celebrities To Follow On Instagram

Who needs to physically follow celebrities around whole day when their lives are all over social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram these days. Fans today are able to get a glimpse into the elusive lives of our local celebrities by simply following their favourite celebrities social profiles. To help you keep up with your favourite male celebrities, here’s our list of 25 Popular Singapore Male Celebrities To Follow On Instagram. Happy drooling!

1. Aloysius Pang (冯伟衷)

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2. Andie Chen Bang Jun (陈邦鋆)

3. George Young

4. Ben Yeo (杨志龙)

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5. Shane Pow Xunping ( 包勋评)

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6. Bobby Tonelli

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7. Xu Bin (徐彬)

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8. Qi Yuwu( 戚玉武)


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9. Romeo Tan (陈罗密欧)

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10. Shaun Chen Hong Yu (陈泓宇)

11. Ian Fang (方伟傑)

12. Chua En Lai (蔡恩来)

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13. Desmond Tan (陈泂江)

14. Ethan Lee Teng (李腾)

15. Christopher Lee Meng Soon (李铭顺)

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16. Daren Tan (陈轩昱)

17. Pornsak Prajakwit

18. Zheng Ge Ping (郑各评)

19. Nat Ho (鹤天赐)

20. Pierre Theodore Png Tiang Huat (方展发)

A photo posted by Pierre Png (@iampierrepng) on

21. Elvin Ng Choon Siong (黄俊雄)

22. Thomas Ong (王沺裁)

A photo posted by Toto Ong (@thomasong17) on

23. Zhang Zhen Huan (张振寰)

24. Tay Ping Hui (郑斌辉)

A photo posted by Tay Ping Hui (@taypinghui) on

25. Zhang Yao Dong (张耀栋)

We hope you enjoyed our list of 25 Popular Singapore Female Celebrities To Follow On Instagram. Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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