Top 10 Waterfall Attractions You Must Visit In Taiwan!

In Taiwan, a mountainous land of stark and seemingly picture perfect landscapes, waterfalls are among one of the most beautiful and diverse natural features. However, as waterfalls are often more remote than public transport can reach, it can be difficult to know just where is worth your while. Check out our list of the ten most spectacular waterfalls in Taiwan to save you time and confusion. Rest assured, every one of these unique waterfalls are well worth a visit, and are guaranteed to be a memorable experience during your travels in Taiwan.

1. Golden Waterfall: Rich Experience

Jiufen’s Golden Waterfall looks like a cascade of gold because of the nearby mining and abundance of heavy metal elements deposited in the riverbed. The luminous green grass at the head of the water flow adds to this natural beauty. Needless to say, this is a popular destination for newly-weds, who flock to this location for some serious photography. READ MORE

Golden Waterfall

2. Shifen Waterfall: Most Impressive of All

Shifen Waterfall is the most renowned cascading waterfall in Taiwan. Although not nearly the tallest the island has to offer, it’s is certainly the widest at an impressive 40 meters. Because of its horseshoe shape and powerful flow, it is nicknamed the Little Niagara of Taiwan. Recessed within a beautiful forested mountainside setting, this waterfall often delights visitors with a bright rainbow on sunny days. READ MORE

Shifen Waterfall

3. Wulai Waterfall: Tallest of All

At a height of 80 meters and width of 10 meters, Wulai Waterfall is the tallest waterfall of all and seriously impressive. As a wonderful place for seasonal cherry blossom viewing and with diverse aboriginal foods and handicrafts nearby, Wulai Waterfall is a tourist hot-spot for a reason. READ MORE

Wulai Old Street

4. Neidong National Forest Recreation Area: Rich Ecology

Neidong National Forest Recreation Area is the perfect place for a “forest bath”. Situated just a few minutes’ drive from Wulai Old Street, this is such an ecologically rich area that butterflies, beetles, lichen and diverse plants are commonplace here. Take a deep breath here – this three tiered waterfall is known for having the most abundant anions in Taiwan! READ MORE


5. Five-Peak Flag Waterfall: Bang for Buck

Come to Five-Peak Flag Waterfall and experience five waterfalls in one go! With an amazing spectacle of two waterfalls overlapping vertically, this is a different experience from other waterfalls in Taiwan. At a massive 42 meters high, the view is gorgeous and the water is powerful. Enjoy the kiosks, observation stages and resting places along the way for a great day. READ MORE

Five-peak Flag Waterfall

6. Zhushan Sky Ladder: From the Heights

Zhushan Sky Ladder is a 136 meter long suspension bridge created to assist visits to Taiji Canyon. You can get really close to the waterfall here, but even from a distance, the moisture from the spray cleans your pores and eases your tension. There are many waterfalls to appreciate here, all of which are of natural and impressive beauty. READ MORE

Zhushan Sky Ladder

7. Datun Waterfall: Picnic Place

Datun Waterfall refers to a series of small waterfalls in Yangmingshan National Park. More than anything, it is a brilliant place for a picnic with the backdrop of the gentle sound of the waterfalls. To digest your meal, it is also a nice idea to take a walk among the waterfalls on a 30 minute roundtrip stroll. READ MORE

Datun Waterfall

8. Guanyin Waterfall: Quiet and Clean

Before the 921 Earthquake, Guanyin Waterfall was one of the most popular tourist attractions in Puli. Today, the area is quieter, giving it a mysterious, and possibly even more beautiful atmosphere. Of the two waterfalls here, the inner one at 60 meters high, is the most impressive. Wander among the butterflies and breathe in the clean, fresh air at Guanyin Waterfall. READ MORE

Guanyin Waterfall

9. Shuangliu Forest Recreation Area: Restorative Day

Most miss the natural beauty of Shuangliu Forest Recreation Area out of haste, but would hate themselves if they knew it. Although this is not the most impressive waterfall in the whole of Taiwan, it makes this list because is relatively unfrequented, making it a wonderful place to relax and play in the water. Bring a picnic, and your swimsuit, and enjoy a day trip in this restorative recreation area. READ MORE

Shuangliu Forest Recreation Area

10. Lingjiao Waterfall: Mysterious Beauty

Lingjiao Waterfall is little-known and under-frequented, giving it a sense of mystery, especially on weekdays. Get off the train at Lingjiao Train Station instead of continuing on to Jiufen for an adventure into a simple wonderland. READ MORE

Lingjiao Waterfall

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