Justin Hsien Photography (深夜名堂) Captures Hot Taiwanese Hunks

No one really knew when and where the craze for hot guys with amazing ripped bodies got started. All of a sudden, we see our local guys training hard (even after national service) to shed that last inch of fats on their body to flaunt on their Instagram account. With so many guys doing the same thing, it’s time to take it up a notch and differentiate yourself from the rest but going for themed photography that delivers the oomph. We chanced upon the photos by Justin Hsien Photography (深夜名堂) who specialises in capturing hot Taiwanese hunks in different themes and scenes that will set your hearts racing.

Justin Hsieh Photography Kitty In Bed - AspirantSG

Mr Xie (謝名振), the photographer at Justin Hsien Photography (深夜名堂) shared with us that there aren’t many photographers in Taiwan who shoots artistic photos of hot Taiwanese hunks and their torso.

Justin Hsieh Photography Hunk Against Taipei City Back Drop - AspirantSG

It all started with him experimenting with casual shots of friends in his circle.

Justin Hsieh Photography In Bed With - AspirantSG

These initial photos of hot Taiwanese hunks were surprisingly well received in Taipei. With more guys coming forward as his models, he began to plan for thematic shoots.

Justin Hsieh Photography Wildeness 2 - AspirantSG

He started taking his subjects through key life stages such as graduations

Justin Hsieh Photography Graduate - AspirantSG

Occupational hot Taiwanese hunks subjects also came into the picture.

Justin Hsieh Photography Hunky Doctor - AspirantSG

Of course, there were athletics among some of the hot Taiwanese hunks he captured.

Justin Hsieh Photography Sports Man - AspirantSG

Hot Taiwanese hunks in performing arts were not forgotten. Here’s a perfect shot of a ballet dancer in mid-air and
Justin Hsieh Photography Dancer - AspirantSG

a boy breaking out into a hip-hop handstand

Justin Hsieh Photography Hip Hop - AspirantSG

But of course, photos that capture the most attention would be those that evoke sexual connotations

Justin Hsieh Photography Rugged Guy - AspirantSG

Like a manly, sweaty construction worker after a long day at work or

Justin Hsieh Photography Construction Worker - AspirantSG

or a defiant military man waiting for his next instructions.

Justin Hsieh Photography Army Boy - AspirantSG

Mr Xie believes that the beautiful contours of men’s body are a gift from God. He strives to showcase this gift in the best angle and light possible.

Justin Hsieh Photography Delivery Boy - AspirantSG

He will definitely continue with his shoots and would love to know more hot Taiwanese hunks who are keen to become his models.

Justin Hsieh Photography Photographer - AspirantSG

To view more of his photos, please visit Justin Hsieh Photography Fan Page and @deepnightjustin Instagram. Please drop him a note if you are keen to become his model, he will be waiting for you in Taipei, Taiwan!

Justin Hsieh Photography Sexy Writer - AspirantSG

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