Explore Social Dilemmas During A Pandemic & Win iPad Mini!

Since the episode of SARS, we have seen the outbreak of multiple new viruses like H7N9 and MERS. Living under the ever-present, shadowy threat of a pandemic, how often do we make decisions that will protect ourselves and the people we love from risk of a deadly influenza? Read to explore the social dilemmas during a pandemic and win yourself an iPad Mini!

Social Dilemma In A Pandemic - AspirantSG

To raise public resilience and fuel discussion on the issue of social responsibility, the National Security Coordination Secretariat (NSCS) is running a four-part interactive video series, titled ‘The Viral Effect’.

The Viral Effect - AspirantSG

Follow the lives of three ordinary people – a student, a breadwinner and a businessman – who not unlike you and me, are at the centre of a potential pandemic which has begun to affect the lives of their friends, family and colleagues. The nation’s security and the health of the individuals around them lies in the hands of these three ordinary Singaporeans and the choices they make.

When faced with such complex decisions that may carry drastic consequences, what would you do if you were in their shoes?

Watch ‘The Viral Effect’ Video

How To Win My iPad Mini?

The question I’d like to pose to you is this: If you fall sick overseas during a global pandemic, would you still travel back to your hometown?

1. Take a stand now and join in the debate happening right here in the comment section of this blog post.

2. Tag your blog comments with #LetsGOsg to fly anyway, or #LetsSTAYsg to cancel your flight.

3. Share your blog comments via Facebook & Twitter to get your friends to vote for your stand.

The vote and share button can be found directly below each blog comment. The blog comment with highest number of votes win an iPad Mini!

Please sign in using Facebook, Twitter or Email when you comment else I cannot contact you if you win! 

Now, discuss away! Contest closes on 2359 hours, 2nd December 2013.

We have our winner!

Congratulations to Cassandra for winning our iPad Mini with 111 votes as of 2359 hours, 2nd December 2013!

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  1. AspirantSG

    Congratulations to Cassandra for being our winner with 111 votes as at 2359 on 2nd December!

  2. Koh Jess

    I will choose to stay in Singapore for treatment till fully recovered. You will not know how tremendously the virus could spread and there could be slim chance to find solution in time as the virus keeps changing stages. The outbreak is scaringly rapid. It will be beyond imagination on the actual impact on most people especially young children and old people. Let’s be considerate, we may not able to help much but we can reduce the chances of others getting it to become worse.

  3. Cassandra

    I would love to say I will stay put, seek proper medical treatment, get well, wait for the pandemic to die down and then return to Singapore.

    But I think, if I were well enough to travel, I would return to Singapore.


    1. Family and friends
    I would want to be with my family and friends if I were infected with a virus that might take my life. It’s a horrendous, depressing feeling to be sick and alone overseas.

    2. Subsidised and good healthcare
    Say what you would about the slow healthcare services in Singapore, but we have one of the best hospital industries and we have autonomy over how much we want to spend on our medical bills. I do believe that we would be better taken care of in Singapore.

    So, #LetsGOsg.

  4. WEETECK's™ ☻

    I will go back to Singapore to get best treatment done and get fully recover. When i travel back to Singapore i will just wear a mask to prevent those virus spreading around, and medical fees can be cover by insurance so should be alright. #LetsGosg

  5. Vincent Goh

    I will come back to Singapore because… if our Minister could spend only $8 for a heart bypass operation, then my medical bill will be cheaper if I do my treatment back in Singapore! Right? Right? Right? At most I wear 3M mask all the way and endure to come back to Singapore! #LetsGOsg

  6. Tiffany Yong

    Well, I know the politically right answer will be to stay put (wherever I am), get treatment and then go back to Singapore when I fully recover. But I believe if this ever happens to me (touch wood), I will hope to come back to Singapore and receive treatment in a place where my life comes before money (good hygiene and technology), and I have medical insurance to cover my expenses. #LetsGOsg

  7. I wouldn’t risk being a carrier and spread the virus further to other passengers on the plane. I wouldn’t want to turn it into a global epidemic (let’s not forget the lesson from SARS). I will stay put where I am and try to contact the relevant health authorities back in Singapore and follow their instructions. #LetsSTAYsg


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