Comprehensive: Travel as A Way to a Well-Rounded Education

Traveling isn’t just about taking a vacation — studies have shown that people who travelled for educational purposes as youngsters were not only more likely to go on to higher education but also ended up making more money. The benefits of travelling are widespread and it’s no wonder educational travel has a positive impact later in life; it’s only natural that seeing something historical in person rather than reading about it in a book leaves more of an impression.

From the pace of learning to experiencing other cultures firsthand, here are just some of the educational benefits of travel:


When you travel, you set the schedule. Not the teacher, principal and not the other students. You’re in the unique position of learning at your own pace; the pace that’s right for you. There’s all the time in the world to read about the history of the TajMahal or stroll through the Vatican to the Sistine Chapel. You can learn slowly without the constraints of assignment deadlines and stressful exams.


Seeing sites across the globe that are so important to our world’s history is of nearly immeasurable value. From ancient Greek ruins to modern architectural feats, such as the One World Trade Center in New York City, being able to see some of the world’s most beautiful buildings gives you an insight into our past and future. It may even inspire you to study how to create them, by enrolling for an architecture degree!


Traveling when you’re young imprints the reality of how big the world is — there are a lot of people, places and traditions outside of your home country. Having such perspective as a teen (or younger) may help you understand and appreciate world history and politics later in life. Plus, you get to see some incredible scenery! From small villages in Honduras to the bustling pace of Tokyo, you learn on locale when you travel.


When you embark on a trip, you open yourself up to different cultures and ways of life. Experiencing a different culture first hand will not only broaden your horizons in general, it could make you more employable in the future. If you’re able to live abroad for a lengthy amount of time — a year, or so — you’ll undoubtedly pick up the local language. Being bilingual is a huge asset when it comes to applying for jobs. Having two (or more!) languages can give you the edge over other applicants in nearly every industry.


Finally, there’s something to be said about traveling and living alone in another country. You’re forced to make your own decisions every day and, whether it’s simply where to eat for lunch or which train to take to Paris, you’re foraging your own path. This can only increase your confidence and give you the belief that you can do anything you set your mind to — a valuable life lesson.

So, to get a personalized, proactive education, consider traveling!

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