All Day Breakfast? Now That’s Food For Thought!

My friends and I decided to start our Sunday with brunch at Food For Thought before heading out for a relaxing afternoon stroll at the Singapore Botanical Gardens. Sounds like a really idyllic plan if the weather works out.


To manage everyone’s expectations, we were all duly notified by our ‘organiser’ that the place looked more like a canteen than a cafe.


It took us a while to get seats in the air-conditioned interior and to be honest, it was not the most conducive environment for conversations.


If only parents can keep their kids entertained throughout their stay at the playground. Not the place to be for breakfast if you cannot tolerate kids running about and making a din.


But one major plus point is that they are one of those rare places in Singapore that serves All Day Breakfast (8am – 5pm). Plus early raisers (8am to 10am) get to enjoy a cup of hot local black coffee or tea at $1 with any of their Local Breakfast!


Do not expect to be serviced at your table.


You have to order your food, pay directly at the counter and wait patiently for it to be served. Good news is the menu prices at Singapore Botanical Gardens are slightly cheaper as compared to their other outlet at Queen Street and in addition to that, there was no service charge.


Food assembling of our orders were really systematic.


That’s my Brunch Set ($8) with choice of 3 sidesGarlic Mushrooms, Pomme Noisette (Hash Brown) and Scrambled Eggs With Cream! Presentation can’t get any simpler.


Nothing amazing about the scrambled eggs and hash browns but the mushrooms saved the day!


Slightly healthier version of Brunch Set with Roasted Tomato Salad, 2 Eggs Sunny Side Up and Chunky Chicken Sausage.


If brunch set was not enough to fill you up completely, you can consider ordering their nicely browned thick Toast ($3) served with the following choice of spreads: Butter / Dragon Fruit Jam / Marmalade / Kaya / Peanut Butter.


Duo of Pancakes ($12) accompanied by fresh cream, gula melaka syrup and served with additional toppings of dark chocolate and raspberry tasted so much better than MacDonald’s hotcakes. But you got to be prepared to wait around 10 to 15 minutes for them.


If you are not that into breakfast, you can opt for their Grilled Burgers ($8 – $12). Accompanying fries & drinks are served with a minimal additional charge of $4.


Or their numerous pasta options.


Happy faces before we head out to walk our guilt away.


The scenery at Botanical Garden was gorgeous but the stroll did not prove to be such a great idea. The hot afternoon sun in Singapore can really drive one bonkers.


If you are thinking of visiting, here are the full details:

Food For Thought

Address: 1 Cluny Road #B1-00 Singapore Botanic Gardens

Operating Hours: Sun–Thu (8am – 9pm) & Fri–Sat (8am – 10pm)

Tel: +65 6338 4848



Twitter: @FFThought

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