Native Shoes – Now Nice Comes In Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate

I am well known among close friends for being terribly lazy when it comes to putting on shoes with laces or wearing shoes that weighs me down. I must admit that I have recently been sacrificing a substantial amount of style for comfort. Thankfully, one of my closest friends since Junior College days decided its time for an ‘Ugly Slip-Ons Shoes Intervention’ and introduced me to Native!

Native was founded in Vancouver, BC in 2009 by Damian Van Zyll De Jong with the help of his friend Matthew Penner. Inspired by classic, casual silhouettes, the brand strive to capture a look that is timeless yet totally new in EVA material.

EVA is the common name for ethylene-vinyl acetate and they translate into a feeling of cool and cushy freedom for our feet. The natural characteristics of EVA make it excellent for footwear because it molds to our feet. It’s also incredibly lightweight, shock absorbent, washable, waterproof, and odor-resistant. Plus all Native shoes are also animal by-product free and are packaged and shipped using recyclable materials.


And why is Native the solution to my ugly slip on shoes problem? Well, the brand is not just about plain comfort. It looks great on our feet too! You will be pleasantly surprised by their comprehensive range of models from super casual to sometime more serious below:

The Paolo

The unequivocal flip flop that also comes in black. 

The Verona

Who knew the lumpen proletariat would become so hip? 

The Jefferson

The Jefferson defines itself as an instant classic, bold and edgy. It is the perfect mix between good taste and subtle rebellion. 

The Jericho Men’s

Meet Mr Fun and his occasional serious side. 

The Miller

The ultimate versatile street shoe. It functions on a casual level while keeping your formal options open. 

The Corrado

Timeless and iconic. It offers a universal look that you can sport on a yacht or in a canoe. 

The Howard

The secret to style is a splendid insincerity. Do not quote me, for that is just tuxedo talk. Never red wine with fish and so on. 

The Jimmy

Grab your trusty staff, throw on a 100% wool cloak and set out to stomp around in the muddy shire. 

The Fitzsimmons

Climb rough social terrain. The last ascent of the social peak. Don’t look back. 

You could probably imagine how thrilled I was when my friend told me that I can choose any 2 of the above Native designs! Verona was my first choice because wearing it was close to effortless. It matches my berms really well and I love its cheerful colours.


To cater to the slightly more serious side of my life, I selected the sombre black Jericho Men’s. They go really well with jeans and can easily disguise themselves as semi-formal shoes while still offering the marshmallow comfort.


Now that I have got you interested, here’s where you can find Native Shoes in Singapore:


• Bratpack at Orchard Cineleisure #02-10

• Bratpack at 112 Katong #02-32

• Bratpack at Changi Airport Terminal 3 #B2-43

• TANGS Orchard

• TANGS VivoCity

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Besides Singapore, Native can also be found in over 49 countries around the world. It is currently living up to its potential as a fresh, new international footwear brand. Brand direction and future designs will continue to focus on innovation while staying true to their founding vision of ‘Keep It Lite‘. Great for long hours of walking, these would make the perfect shoes for nurses too. You may want to check out shoes for heel spurs too!

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  1. when are they coming to germany?!

    • Hi Katja,

      Thanks for reading my blog! I am not too sure of the company’s plans in Europe.

      Really sorry about that. 🙂

      Wee Heng


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