It’s Time To Go Bottomless At Nando’s!

When William invited me to join him for an exclusive Nando’s event, I thought it would be one of those usual seated dinner food tasting session. It turned out to a ‘Live’ TV Broadcast Show ‘Tonight with Nando’s’ at their 112 Katong outlet!


The amazing people at Nando’s practically turned the entire restaurant into MediaPeri TV Broadcasting Station Studio! Felt really privileged to be one of their studio guest.


Chairing ‘Tonight With Nando’s’ was none other than our familiar FLY Entertainment Artiste, Chua En Lai! He engaged Mr Boet Zaayman (Country Manager of Nando’s Singapore) and Ms Mac Chung Lynn (CEO of Nando’s Singapore and Malaysia) in a really interesting conversation on Nando’s progress in Singapore.

They shared that since Nando’s opened its first restaurant at Bugis Junction in 2010, it has rapidly expanded to six outlets today, not counting the upcoming Star Vista outlet to be launched soon. Nando’s continues to proactively spicing up its offerings and business strategy to reward discerning palates. They are determined to grow the brand foodprint on the Singapore map.


While waiting for the main dishes to be served during the ‘commercial break’, Altogether Now which combines the best of Nando’s ‘appeteasers’ – Spicy Mixed Olives, Roasted Vegetable Dip, Peri-Peri Hummus and Warm Pita was served for everyone at the table to dig into!


After the commercial break, Nando’s Barci came onto the program with lovely interpreter who help translate his thoughts. Barci could hardly contain his excitement as he introduced Nando’s tantalising new dishes and crockery, new quirky menu designs, latest Bottomless Beverages Promotion and the launch of the first Nando’s Loyalty Card!


As they talked about Nando’s new dishes, Algarve Salad – a delightful medley of rocket and leafy greens, mixed peppers, roasted cashew nuts, marinated sundried tomato and feta cheese was delivered to our table. It’s a little too healthy for my liking but I did enjoy snacking on the cheese. 😛


Landing from enormous popularity in Nando’s UK, Nando’s Roulette Chicken Wings came next to add a good dash of fun to our meal. The only way to find out the spice level of our wing (Lemon & Herb, Mild, Hot or Extra Hot) was to bite into it, like a good hand at the Russian Roulette. Perfect for sharing amongst friends especially when they are piping hot!


Barci also disclosed Nando’s long involvement with discovery and development of young aspiring South East Asian artists. That’s why Nando’s has redesigned its menu to reflect its art-loving nature. ‘Hijacking’ Pablo Picasso and Roy Lichtenstein’s famous works, Nando’s proclaims that if those two artists had designed menus, those menus would look similar to theirs!


Next to be served was Nando’s Chicken Wrap, which offers a good balance of fresh greens and succulent chicken!


As well as its first veggie dishes – the Veggie Wrap and Veggie Pita – to ensure that there’s something for everyone at the all-new Nando’s.


Our chicken dishes were accompanied by Nando’s new sidelines – tastily-prepared Spinach and Sweet Potato Mash, for a deliciously balanced meal.


To complement these new creations, Nando’s has tied up with South African Fair Trade Thandi Wine and Ben & Jerry’s to offer an even richer dining ex-Peri-ence. We can choose to pair Thandi with any Nando’s meal for an enchanting combination of tastes or pamper ourselves with Ben & Jerry’s famously indulgent ice-creams for the perfect sweet ending!

This August, Nando’s is going fashionably Bottomless! Nando’s has collaborated with veteran local fashion designer and celebrity stylist Keith Png to produce Limited-Edition Nando’s x Keith Png Unisex Boxer Shorts.


For just $4.20, you will be able to enjoy free refill of Coke, Coke Light, Sprite, Fanta Orange and Season’s Ice Lemon Tea. But that is not the only great thing about the Bottomless Beverages Promotion. Available in two quirky and cheeky designs, each pair of boxer shorts is yours at only $15 with a purchase of any Peri-Peri Chicken Meal and Bottomless Soft Drink.


Ladies can’t get enough of the hunk!


As for me, I am really happy to get the opportunity to get a personal photo with En Lai. We are twitter kakis now! 🙂


Everyone went back home with an exquisite box of Nando’s goodies which includes 2 of Limited Edition Keith Png Unisex Boxer Shorts!


I really enjoyed myself that evening. Special thanks to William for the invitation and Nando’s for the fantastic event!

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