5 Cheap But Fun Ways to Pamper Yourself On Holidays

It’s easy to travel with a few hundred dollars of cash if you’re going to be backpacking. But if you would rather go for convenience (and a little bit of luxury), you know you’re going to have to splash out a lot more. What if we tell you that you don’t have to? The SingSaver.com.sg team likes to consider themselves as experts in saving money, and we’re a lot that feels our backpacking days are way behind us now. Here’s 5 Cheap But Fun Ways to Pamper Yourself On Holidays. 

1. Look for great deals on SecretFlying and similar error fare flights

Error fare flights happen when there’s a glitch in the airline’s system, so you get to book flights for ridiculously cheap prices. Just in March 2016, open jaw flights from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok to many cities in Europe cost just US$320 with Oman Air. Sign up for SecretFlying’s newsletter to get a heads up every time a deal is posted up on its site.

2. Book flight and hotel combinations with Expedia

If you’re going to visit just one city, look out for free nights that Expedia gives away when you book your flights and accommodation together. For example, return British Airways flights to Sydney and six nights at the Westin Sydney for two people will cost S$2,888.08.

In comparison, if you were to book the same flights on Skyscanner and the same hotel on Agoda, the total for two will come up to S$4,025.09. That’s S$1,137.01 in savings when you book with Expedia! However, Expedia doesn’t do so well when you’re travelling to multiple cities.

3. Use a travel credit card to accumulate air miles

There are a few advantages to using a travel credit card to collect miles. First of which, some credit cards have welcome bonuses of thousands of air miles when you sign up for them. Secondly, most of the air miles on these cards don’t expire. And third, paying your annual membership on the card will again reward you with bonus miles.

Most of the travel credit cards in Singapore have partnered up with Singapore Airlines too. So you can redeem your air miles for free flights and upgrades with one of the best airlines in the world.

4. Get complimentary access to airport lounges while you wait with travel credit cards

Again, another benefit of having certain travel credit cards is the complimentary access to airport lounges around the world. Why wait at the gate when you can eat, shower and relax in a lounge? For example, the Citibank PremierMiles Visa Card and the DBS Altitude Cards reward their customers with two complimentary access to Priority Pass lounges yearly. You don’t have to use both visits on yourself—you can bring a friend along!

5. Take an Uber instead of a taxi in some cities

While we acknowledge that some cities where Uber rides aren’t recommended, there are others like major cities in Australia and Europe where you save a lot more calling for an Uber than flagging down a taxi.

And since Uber has apparently cut prices for its customers by 15% in most of the cities it operates, you can save even more while travelling privately. It’s also really easy to use, as its app functions globally. All you need is a wifi connection and few minutes of your time.

This guest post was written by Singsaver.com.sg.

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