How Can Xnspy Help Parents With Digital Parenting

Unquestionably, parenting has become even more challenging in this era of devices and gadgets. Children spend enormous time online that it’s pertinent to know how their digital lives are going on. Smartphones and social media have made digital technology an essential fragment of our kids’ teen years. 

Kids use digital devices all day long and perform various activities that could be risky for their online as well as real-life safety. A recent research study conducted by Common Sense Media revealed that teens spend an average of nine hours daily with their digital devices. Another research study finds that young people who spend more than seven hours or more daily on screens are more than twice as likely to be diagnosed with depression and anxiety as compared to those who use screens for an hour a day.

Along with the associations between screen time and diagnoses of mental health issues, online predators such as stalkers, online bullies, and sexual predators are targeting kids more than ever before. One in five teenagers who regularly log on to the internet have reported receiving an unwanted sexual solicitation via the web. Moreover, young kids are getting involved in social media trendy challenges that could harm them to the fullest.

The menace and dangers of technology can be handled with technology as well. Parents now routinely keep tabs on their kids’ digital behavior in one form or another. According to a Pew Research Center survey, 61 percent of parents monitored the websites that their teenagers visited, 60 percent checked their social media activities, and 48 percent looked through their calls and text messages.

Want to become a good digital parent? Improving digital parenting requires some efforts. In this article, we are going to guide the parents on how they can improve their digital parenting by maintaining the safe zone for their kids. When it comes to digital parenting, the most efficient tool is to use parental monitoring apps. All these apps are very useful to protect your kids online and improve their digital safety.

We looked up online for the best parental control app and unanimously, it seemed like Xnspy was the strongest contender. Read on to know if Xnspy is that parental control you should be getting or not.

Xnspy Parental Monitoring App                                                               

Xnspy is ideal for digital parenting because it caters to parents’ need to keep tabs on their children. This parental monitoring app is compatible with all popular Android and almost all iOS devices. It works on Android running versions between 4.x and 9.x and iOS versions running 6.x up to 12.4.1.

How it works

Step 1: Signup

First of all, you need to visit the official website of Xnspy to subscribe to this parental monitoring app. Once done, you will receive an email containing the details required to set up Xnspy on a device.

Step 2: Setup

Now you need to get physical access to your kid’s Android phone to set up Xnspy on the target device. However, if your kid uses an iPhone, then you will need the iCloud credentials of the target device to activate the app.

Step 3: Get started

Your next move is to get access to your online account using the credentials such as using your Xnspy ID and passcode. Once you have logged in, give the app 24-48 hours to upload data from your kid’s phone.

Pricing Plans

Just like many other services, Xnspy comes in premium and basic versions. We did a features comparison and turns out that premium edition is the way to go.

  • Basic Edition

Monthly – $29.99 per month

Quarterly – $13.99 per month

Yearly – $4.99 per month

  • Premium Edition

Monthly – $35.99 per month

Quarterly – $19.99 per month

Yearly – $7.49 per month

Xnspy Parental monitoring Features

Xnspy offers a myriad of basic and advanced features that let parents track their kids and monitor their digital devices even from a distance. It allows users to monitor phone calls and messages, accesses instant messenger chats, tracks GPS location, read emails, and remotely control the target device.

Call Monitoring

With Xnspy, you can record and listen to all incoming and outgoing calls with date, time, and call duration details. Add specific contacts in the app’s Watchlist to get instant alerts whenever your kid tries to contact them. Also, you can get the call analysis report containing the frequent callers and call durations.

Text Messages Monitoring

Texting is the most common mode of communication widely favored by kids. This parental monitoring app allows you to read all the sent and received messages on the monitored device of your kids. You can add particular words or phrases in the Watchlist to get instant alerts when they are used.

Surround Recording

Xnspy gives you access to the target device microphone to record and listen to their phone’s surroundings. You can ensure your kids’ real-life safety by knowing what is going on around them whether they are in some slumber party or joining a combined study session.

Social Media Monitoring

If your kid gets tensed whenever he/she receives an instant messenger notification, you need to know the reason. Someone could be bullying or harassing your child. Unlike other parental monitoring apps, Xnspy offers you the feature of accessing all popular social media platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, Tinder, Line, and Kik Messenger. You can access all the chats and shared multimedia files without even touching your kids’ phones. This feature can help you to intervene timely and take the needed action.

GPS Location Tracking

Kids might want to visit places that are not age-appropriate like pubs or clubs. Using Xnspy, you can keep tabs on their whereabouts on a real-time map. You can also access their location history. Plus, it offers a geofencing feature that enables you to draw virtual boundaries for your kids and then get alerts whenever your kid enters or leaves that area.

Other Online Activities

The internet holds a huge amount of information. Your child might access inappropriate or sexually explicit content; therefore, it is important to implement parental controls. Xnspy gives you access to all sent/received emails on your kid’s phone. Also, you can access the Gmail app on their phones to read emails. You can ensure the digital safety of your loved ones by accessing the web browsing history and website bookmarks. You can track their online activities even if your kid has deleted them.

Remote Controls

You can remotely control your kid’s phone with this parental monitoring app. You can remotely lock the device, take a live screenshot, and view the installed apps. If you find any inappropriate app, you can block it remotely. Additionally, you can wipe the data from your kid’s device without even touching it.

Our Final Recommendation

Parental monitoring apps help parents to perform digital parenting by tracking all the online activities of their kids. You should establish clear rules regarding phone monitoring and discuss them with your kids before the implementation. But first, it’s important to educate them about safe online behavior which renders the job of monitoring them. Xnspy offers all monitoring features and has a 24/7 customer support team to help you. So, if you ever want to get parental control, Xnspy is the one to go with.

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