How To Make The Most Of Your Luxurious Private Jet Flights

If you’re flying to your destination via a private charter jet, there is a reason why you made that choice? Why not a regular public flight? It’s very obvious. Because you want to live the luxury. And if you’re not getting full luxury in that flight, what’s the use of spending such a huge amount on your flight otherwise. If you haven’t chartered a jet yet, you might want to know what to look for, to have the most luxurious private jet experience. Here is what you should know. 

A Range Of High-Class Jets To Choose From

The choice of your Jet is the main thing you decide and it heavily depends upon the nature of your travel. You need a reliable service that would give you a number of jets to choose from like Jettly. Frequent travelers looking for charter jet companies that one can stick around with for a longer time, providing a wide range of options to suit all types of trips. 

This range usually includes Executive jet, having 6 – 8 seats, Super Light Jet 4 seats, Light Jet 6 – 7 seats, Turbo Prop 4 – 8 seats, Helicopter 4 – 6 seats, Piston Engine 2 – 4 seats, Airliner/ Cargo Jet 19 – 65 seats, Long Range Jet 8 – 14 seats, and Ultra Long Range 10 – 19 seats.

Choose Your Own Stops And Schedule 

What do we hate about travelling? The long lines, the immigration, looking for flights that fit your schedule, the ones that we feel travelling in, stop where we want them to stop and when we want, and so on… 

But this isn’t possible if you opt for travelling on a public flight. However, private jet service gives you that comfort and ease. This is one of the biggest luxuries making you feel like you have your life in your control. 

All The Privacy You Need To Party 

One thing that you won’t get in travelling via a public flight is the luxury of privacy. Regardless of your purpose and destination of the private flight, you wish for privacy all the way. So don’t settle for anything less when you’re opting for it. 

You have your space to spend your flight the way you want. Listen to your favourite music, crack open a bottle of your favourite wine, smoke a cigar, or do whatever in the world you want. It’s your space and you decide what to do in it. You can even bring your pets on board if you like. 

Your Favorite Cuisine On Board 

When you choose a public flight last moment that suits your schedule you would have to settle what comes with it. Even if its bland food. But opting for a private flight you would never have to worry about that. You would get your favourite cuisine which would make your taste buds relish in delight. Isn’t that what you want? 

This is the kind of travelling where you would never have second thoughts. And with Jettly you get to enjoy all of these luxuries, so hire a private jet for your next trip and travel with luxury. 

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