8 Romantic Ideas For Home-made Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is your opportunity to show that special someone how much you love them and while buying them an expensive gift certainly counts (you can get a loan online if you forgot), making something yourself demonstrates that you’re willing to put thought, time and effort in to the process – rather than just clicking a buy button on a website. If you’re looking to get crafty this year but are stumped for ideas, here are 8 home-made Valentine’s Day gifts anyone can make at home.

1. Home-made Valentine’s Day Gifts – The Card

The art of making your own card has been lost in recent years, especially with personalized card services online. Valentine’s is the perfect day to bring this back. Some coloured craft paper is a good place to start, but the possibilities are endless. Why not put some real effort in and learn some calligraphy? Then you can leave and handwritten and elegant message inside the card. A nice way to finish your creation is to place the card inside a felt, velvet, or another material-based envelope.

2. Home-made Valentine’s Day Gifts – Hampers

Hampers bridge the gap between bought and handmade gifts for those who are beginners to the world of crafting. A hamper is, in effect, a basket of goodies. Choose a theme – an assortment of their favourite chocolates and treats usually goes down well – and then use your creative skills to wrap the items and adorn the basket. Of course, pink and red love hearts are a staple of Valentine’s day, but if your loved one likes the darker side of life, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of black either! You know them better than anyone, so try to be unique.

3. Home-made Valentine’s Day Gifts – Love Coupons

Love coupons can be a fun way to add a homemade and personal touch to your Valentine’s day. Simply craft several small coupon-like cards, each with something thoughtful written on them that your partner can redeem in the future. For example, “a free meal at the restaurant of your choosing” or “no trash duties for a month.” Make it as funny or spicy as you like!

4. Home-made Valentine’s Day Gifts – Mason Jar Vase or Candle

For whatever reason, mason jars are the in thing right now and if you’re not drinking from them, they’re perfect for decorating and using as a vase or candle holder. One cool way to add a personal touch is to print off a favourite photo of you both in black and white, using see-through contact paper and stick it inside the jar.

5. Home-made Valentine’s Day Gifts – Thumbprint Hearts

If you like getting the kids involved with your Valentine’s gifts, a simple and fun way of decorating virtually anything is to use thumbprint hearts. Simply dip your thumb in paint and use one print for the centre and then another print either side, to create a heart shape.

6. Home-made Valentine’s Day Gifts – Log Carving

This takes the age-old lovers trope of carving your names into a tree and brings it home. Of course, we don’t advise that you chop a tree down (unless you’re fortunate enough to own trees) – you can find pretty hefty tree logs everywhere from garden centres to eBay. One common way of doing the carving is to chip out a heart shape and simply carve both names with a plus in-between, and then the date at the bottom.

7. Home-made Valentine’s Day Gifts – Personal Cake

Get your apron on because everyone loves cake and the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Whether it’s chocolate, fruit, or jam-sponge, you can make it your own by writing a cute message in icing on the top. Check out these recipes. Instead of one big cake, why not try a batch of smaller cup-cakes or muffins, each with their own little message?

8. Home-made Valentine’s Day Gifts – A Deck of Love Cards

“52 Reasons I Love You” is the title of your little love card book. Simply take a deck of cards (an old one has a certain charm to it), and stick a reason on each of them. You can then use a hole-punch or other method of putting two holes in the cards and bind them all together with some string or plastic.

We hope that we’ve sparked your imagination and you can make these gift ideas your own. If you’re a veteran gift maker yourself, let us know some of your Valentine’s ideas in the comments below! 

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