Top Vacation Spots You Should Explore In The World

Going on a vacation is an effective way to blow off some steam, relax, and have an overall wonderful time. But then, even though vacations are supposed to be a way to get away from stress, some people often find planning a vacation equally stressful. There are so many great places to visit around the world, and it can become overwhelming trying to pick the perfect location. Instead of stressing over where to visit, consider any one of these four places that are certain to give you a fantastic getaway experience.


Paris is the romantic destination of the world and is the #1 target for lovers looking to get away from it all. Known as the city of light, it’s famous for the Eiffel Tower and an unforgettable ambience. Besides its reputation, Paris also has amazing food and cuisine. You could stay in Paris for a long time, and not run out of good food to try. If you’re resistant to the city’s architecture and culinary charms, then its beautiful collection of art is bound to sway you. World famous works of art like the Mona Lisa, The Thinker, and even Van Gogh’s self-portrait all make this enchanting city their home.


As a country, Thailand is an exotic location with amazing food, and even more fantastic culture. You’ve already tasted some of its culinary specialities, as several restaurants have added Thai food to their menus. Having eaten Thai food, you can begin to imagine just how good the local food is. You could also visit specific places in Thailand like Phuket, which has some of the best beaches in the world. White sand, crystal clear waters, and limestone cliffs all contribute to Phuket’s majesty. Discover Monkey Beach in Thailand to get the full white sand beach experience. It’s a 150-meter stretch of white sand and clear waters all around.


While Thailand boasts of white sand beaches, Tahiti has black sand beaches instead. The black sands are made of basalt and were created by lava flowing into the ocean, cooling as it enters. This makes Tahiti a fascinating location to visit, if just for a geology lesson. Besides black sand beaches, Tahiti is also famous for its overwater bungalow and exciting recreational activities. From snorkelling to surfing, this island will definitely get you loosened up and into the vacation mood. Another thing you might find fascinating about Tahiti is that it’s actually two separate islands separated by a small land bridge. While the more massive island is the more popular destination, you can hike to the smaller half of Tahiti for an even more exclusive experience.


London is famous for many things, which is why it makes it such a great place to visit on vacation. Everything, from its buildings to the English tradition of afternoon tea, is sure to engage any first-time visitor. The buildings reflect a blend of modern architecture and a blast from the past. You’ll immediately notice this when you compare the Tower of London with the Tate Modern. While in London, you also have to visit places like Buckingham Palace and the British Museum before you leave. However, if you’re more intrigued by theatres and architectures, then the West End Theatre District will definitely keep you occupied with its wide assortment of movies.

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