4 Things You Must Do While In Singapore

How do you best describe Singapore? People have come up with a lot of telling descriptions. Someone once called it a garden salad; a blend of folks that somehow manage to retain their distinctive characteristics but mix perfectly well to display a soothing flavour. This description must be attributed to the blend of Indians, Chinese, Eurasians, Malays, and of course, an ever-increasing population of other nationalities.

Someone else described it as the city with numerous contrasts; small in size but bearing a host of surprises. It does not matter what descriptions you come up with, the simple fact that Singapore is a travellers haven remains perfectly correct. If you are unsure of a travel destination for your next vacation, perhaps you will find some great adventure on this island city-state.

Here are a few places and thing you should consider whenever you plan a Singapore visit.

1. Get a Psychic Reading

You may not have thought about psychic reading, but it might just be worth every cent, and of course, well worth your time. If you want to know what fate has in store for you, Singapore may offer some great options. These are a few places to try:

  • Astro-palmistry – Master Khor takes palm reading to a different level. He combines the reading of palms with astrology to bring some uniqueness to his palmistry. For $150/hour you could benefit from his craft.
  • Way Fengshui Consultancy – Here you can benefit from the traditional ancient Chinese practice of Bazi. Bazi predicts your fate using the hour, day, month and year of your birth. You will have to pay up to  $288 for these services.
  • Employees Only – In Chinatown, it is not uncommon to pop into Employees Only for a palm reading session. bar hopers seem to find the lit ‘psychic’ neon sign very inviting.

These are just a few of the many psychic reading places you find in Singapore. While many may be enthusiastic about having this experience it is safe to be cautious. A few psychic experiences have been known to be misleading. It is wise to see someone recommended by Psychic Advisor to learn some of the tell signs.

2. Visit the Gardens by the Bay

The gardens by the bay remain one of Singapore most popular attraction. This horticultural attraction is made up of three gardens. The largest of the three; Bay South was opened in 2012. It is famous for its legendary supertrees. Visitors to these gardens get instantly charmed by the beauty of the plant displays. Bay East is famous for its perfect view of the Singapore skyline. The smallest of these gardens Bay central is just as magnificent and charming as the other two. These gardens are open to the public and will make any Singapore visit more memorable.

3. Give Yourself a Real Food Experience

For many tourists, experimenting with new food is a huge motivation to travel. Singapore does not disappoint with food and eating options. Every turn seems to present something new. It is true that not all food will be appealing to everyone, but there are a few of these food experiences you just must try.

  • 12 New Signature Craft Cocktails of Bar Intermezzo – If you are a fan of cocktail, you will be wowed with the variety here. Each of these drinks come with some unique personality and are inspired by the cash crop plantation that once existed on the bar grounds. Ranging between $22 and $25, you will enjoy these signature cocktails.
  • Starbucks  – The giant coffee company has a few surprises for visitors in Singapore. With a flagship store now open in the Jewel Changi Airport, both locals and visitors can be indulged with a range of coffee variety. Of note are the unique Singaporean flavours on the menu. This makes for a great treat to any visitor.
  • Local Cuisine – There are some dishes that are particular to Singapore. You should experiment with these. A few favourites are Bak Kut Teh; This is a tea-like soup with pork ribs, Wanton Mee; a Singapore noodles and Fried Carrot Cake.

4. Give Yourself a Dinosaur Experience

This is one of the most famous experiences you can have in Singapore today. The walk with dinosaurs is the most breathtaking experience. You are spellbound at the sight of 18 giant dinosaurs moving right before you. This indoor stadium show is viewed in more than 250 cities around the world. This production took a whole year and a team of 50 to complete.

Final Words

From the not so famous to the very famous, there are hosts of things to do in Singapore. The island never allows for a boring moment. If you are still in doubt pack your bags and make the trip, your only regret will be not having enough time in the lovely little city.

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