Places To Visit In Indonesia Besides Bali

Indonesia is an archipelago consisting of 17,508 islands, crosses the equator and it also covers a distance of 1904569 km, which is equally expensive in cultural diversity and breath-taking ecosystems. Indonesia attracts visitors to come and experience its nature and vibe. Many travellers when they visit this country go to the famous holiday destination named Bali. Despite it being a lovely island with a fantastic spirituality and contagious vibe that offers us everything from culture to nature and wildlife it is also true that there is so much to see and so much to do in Indonesia besides going to Bali. This article will tell you about other places to visit in Indonesia besides Bali.

Komodo National Park

Komodo national park is one of Indonesia’s most dramatic landscapes. Most people come here and are attracted by its natural beauty mostly which helps the country to get more attention towards itself. So, the main thing to see here is actually Indonesia is best known for its natural parks and the attractive thing is Underwater, there is a whole world to discover, that you won’t forget once you see it.

Go Surfing at Nusa Dua

Surfing at Nasa dua, yes, of course, it is exciting to say that in Nasa dua is a prime resort area of the island. Targeted mainly towards families on holidays and it is also very popular for surfing. It depends on you when you are reaching that place and in which season. Yes, it is a couple of friendly places and a family friendly place to chill at. It has plenty of bars, cafes and tidal pools for the kids for enjoyment too.

Pink Beach of Komodo

We can easily say that it is named as one of the seven pink beaches in the world. It is ensured that it has many adventure things to do and has the view of nature. So, when we see this name, one comes into our mind that why it is named so? And the answer is one of the microorganisms called foraminifera, which produces the soft pink colour waste that is visible along the shoreline. Many of the microorganism also exhaust pinkish tint here and hence it is called the pink beach.

Besides the pink beach, it has a cool atmosphere. So, if we take all these things into account it’s a great place to chill with friends and family. Basically, corals of the pink beach’s underwater gardens are in excellent condition, both these species having soft coral and hard corals and there are thousands of numbers of species of fishes. It is recommended to visit this beach without the help of an experienced guide or ranger.

Padang food and coffee

Padang is the kind of place where food is served with a plate of boiled white rice served with accompaniments and small dishes. The main dish here is fried meats, curries, vegetable dishes, different chilli sauces and the most popular food which is liked and eaten by Indonesia people is a compressed soybean cake and tofu.

The flavours here are vibrant as well as spicy to eat. And you can expect spice blend that can include local delights like kaffir lime leaves turmeric galangal lemongrass chilli and garlic and much more. Coffee is also very famous here it does give a good taste. Indonesia is the fourth largest coffee producer in the world and as they say, coffee is good for health and here we get some really good coffee.

A stay at Lake Toba

If you are coming to Indonesia then lake Toba is a must place to visit and explore. One doesn’t even need to think once; it is better to enjoy with nature rather than sitting all the holidays in the room and spending time. It has chilly weather and a wonderful natural environment. This enormous crater lake has an island which has is sized 1145 square km and has a depth of 450 meters it is said to be an ocean.

This is the largest lake in South Asia and one of the deepest lakes in the world. I would suggest you after reaching there you should hire a bike to roam around all place and explore it. Parapat, the main town by Lake Toba is 176 km from Medan and can be reached in under 6 hours by public bus which as two routes so it’s better to go and feel the place by yourself.

Visit the famous Tanah temple

The most striking attraction in Indonesia is the temples which are made by the people there in reverence of their gods and deities. They have the primer intelligence of building the temple and they give a grand look to the finest structures. It is recommended to wear the required traditional clothes which won’t hurt the local sentiments and comfortable as well.

Traffic condition in this place is as well moderate so you make sure that you must have some patience and it takes a little buffer time to clear the sightseeing of this place is the best scene to see the place. There is an entrance fee as well as it is a tourist place. Also, it does allow the use of the camera. You can take sunglasses and comfortable footwear. Overall, the famous Tanah temple is a place worth visiting.

These are the famous beautiful places in Indonesia that can be visited and enjoyed other than Bali.

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