6 Popular Wooden Toys & Souvenir Puzzles Made in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country. It is famous for its tropical islands, food, handmade product and many more. If you’re going back home from Thailand and thinking about bringing gifts to your loved ones back home or if you’re on the hunt for birthday presents or Christmas stocking fillers for the young and not so young, have a look at wooden toys and souvenir puzzles made in Thailand. The high quality, eco-friendly materials, and traditional handcrafted finish make these wooden puzzle solutions as equally appealing when used as decorative ornaments.

Star Puzzle

Known as the Shooting Star, the Star Puzzle is a wooden three-dimensional puzzle that will keep kids and adults busy on those boring car, bus, or train journeys. The star puzzle could be more difficult than you think, but with practice, you can learn how to solve star puzzle. With an attractive hardwood-type finish they look and feel a quality product. In fact, the manufacturers in Thailand have so much faith in their range of high-quality wooden puzzle products. Each puzzle is hand carved using traditional methods and the finest woods. With its hardwood style finish, when not being solved, the product looks equally at home decorating your living room or bedroom shelf.

Serpent Cube Puzzle

This wooden cube puzzle is one of the most popular. Known as the serpent, or snake cube puzzle, it will bring back memories of the famous Rubik’s cube, without the plastic or the colours. Monkeypod wood, Thailand’s favourite wood for those beautiful intricate carvings, is eco-friendly, sustainable, and used for all range of eco-friendly wooden puzzles. The Serpent Cube’s shape belies it level of difficulty, and you will find yourself totally exasperated on more than one occasion. Serpent cube is also available on Amazon.

Shut the Box

A great game for all the family. Shut the Box was an old English pub game in the same era as draughts, bar billiards, and cribbage. Cut down to family size, it is a simple dice game suitable for all ages. Rolling the numbers in order shuts the box, and gives you the chance to win the jackpot. With solid wooden case, wooden dice and wooden tiles, there’s not a piece of plastic in sight.

Burr Puzzles

Burr puzzles date back as far as the 1700s and were found throughout Asia and across Europe. The name is derived from the original wooden puzzles being in the shape of a burr seed, a seed with teeth and hooks. Nowadays Burr puzzles are available in a range of more common shapes and types. The Wooden Ball Logic Puzzle is one of the favourites. If you prefer your edges rounded rather than sharp, this take apart and rebuild orb could be just for you. Manufactured from bamboo, the finish is a light tan colour and again will make a pleasant addition to your shelf ornaments when not being used.


Made of natural hardwood, and with just six interlocking pieces, this 3D- Star will prove more difficult to reassemble than you think. Although it will give mums and dads a little food for thought, the younger children will love it. With just half-a-dozen pieces, it won’t overwhelm the kids but helps them develop a problem-solving capability. For those who struggle with logic problems, there are some excellent tutorials on YouTube.

X in a Box

Are you finding yourself becoming addicted to wooden puzzles, but want to get away from the squares, cubes and stars. Look at X in the Box. Brainteaser this certainly is, and logical thinking outside the box is needed to solve it. Unless you’re a brainteaser nerd, give yourself plenty of solving time, or pass it around the room until somebody cracks it.

Wooden brain teasers, logic puzzles, and toys made in Thailand are gaining in popularity among adults. Just like squeezing that rubber ball, a good logic puzzle can help relax the mood and relieve stress. Parents are buying them to help their kids improve brain function, and increase their ability to solve problems. But most importantly of all, people are buying them for friends and family, because they make great toys, and souvenirs of a great holiday.

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