What To Eat In Koh Samui Thailand- Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch & Dinner!

What makes a vacation destination? Well, pristine sands, palm fronds, and gorgeous waters are a wonderful start. However, adding in ornate temples, exotic statues and tropical drinks wouldn’t hurt, would it? One of the main draws to a destination vacation is often overlooked – the food! Luckily, Koh Samui is filled with great things to eat.

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What to eat for Breakfast:

Breakfast on Koh Samui is a smorgasbord of options – French, Thai and Asian dishes along with traditional American sausage and toast. Remember though, you are on vacation. Why not try eating some of the local fare? There is plenty of fresh seafood and fruit just waiting to shake up your breakfast routine. Enjoy some mango sticky rice, have some coconut rice pudding pancakes, or fill up on the fresh fruits of the island.

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Brunch in Koh Samui

A great way to enjoy a huge selection of breakfast and lunch items is to have Sunday brunch in Koh Samui. Fill your plate with papaya salad, pad Thai, and fresh-from-the-ocean seafood. Massaman curry spices up beef and the green curry is yummy on prawns. Plenty of Tom Ka Gai chicken and curry soup or Tom Yam Goong spicy and sour soup add diversity to the brunch menu.

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What to eat for Lunch:

The best beach clubs are the place to go for laid-back casual lunch fare. Whether you choose to dine directly on the beach with the surf splashing around your ankles, or you just prefer an ocean view while you eat, there are plenty of places to dine. Now, what will you enjoy for lunch? I mean, after all, the world doesn’t revolve on pad Thai. Venture out for some Brazilian barbecue, Scotch eggs, or Masala Chai. There are more options than room in your belly!

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What to eat for Dinners:

The best restaurants in Koh Samui are purely a matter of personal taste. Do you want to dress up and enjoy some fine dining? There are plenty of places offering foie-gras stuffed quail and bloody mary linguine, along with other fancy options. Maybe you want to wear your flip-flops while you dine. Casual options offer burgers, house-smoked salmon, fresh fish and lobster. The most casual way to dine in Koh Samui is to visit the street stalls. Pull up a plastic chair with the locals and feast on foods like Thai noodle soup, satays of beef, chicken or pork, seafood skewers with sticky rice, Since the concept of three meals a day is a foreign idea to the Thai culture, many locals snack from the stalls multiple times every day.

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Thai Desserts:

Dessert is important in almost every culture and Koh Samui is no exception. Finish off your meal or your evening with a sweet treat that is popular all over Asia – the Roti. This thin pancake is served with banana, coconut jam, chocolate sauce – even eggs! Want something cool and refreshing? Have some coconut ice cream served in a coconut shell. Durian or chilled pineapple are Thai favorites for dessert, too.

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Thailand is famous for its tropical islands. Whether you are lounging at a beach club in Koh Samui, scooting up to a linen-clad table, or strolling the street market stalls, Koh Samui is filled with food options. Now pack your bags, take the opportunity to explore not only Thai favourites but French, English, Brazilian and Indian options as well. Venture out and try new foods. Flavours, textures and smells may be foreign to you, but don’t be afraid to taste them anyway. Leave this beautiful place with a larger waistline and some new food favourites.

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