Tips To Help You Plan a Wonderful Beach Wedding in Koh Samui

For those whose dream wedding revolves around saying ‘I do’ in a tropical paradise then getting married in Koh Samui provides the ideal setting for it. The island has an idyllic environment and is very popular for weddings so it has the infrastructure in place to cater for and put on the perfect event. Like all weddings, getting married in Koh Samui requires time and planning to make sure everything is ready when you get there and we have put together a guide to help you along your way. With these tips and the desire for a tropical wedding combined, you will be on your way to creating a wonderful beach wedding that you and your guests will remember forever. 

Why Koh Samui?

First the obvious reason – it’s beautiful, with white sandy beaches, palm trees, a twinkling blue sea with everything topped off by the sunny, warm weather. On a more practical level it is Thailand’s most popular island for weddings and as such it has the infrastructure in place that will take the stress out of planning and the worry that something might go wrong. There is plenty of accommodation available for guests, a range of hotels and venues for the event and for total peace of mind there is an array of Koh Samui beach wedding packages available. If you have family in different parts of the world then Koh Samui can be the perfect middle point between people in Australia/NZ and Europe.

When is the Best Time to Go?

Koh Samui is a tropical island and as such it does get rain. The rainy season includes October, November, and December so these months are not the optimal time to plan a wedding for and best to be avoided. February and March are the driest and sunniest times of the year but they can be hot. April and June are also very popular times for getting married in Koh Samui.

How to Pick the Beach

This will naturally come down to personal preference and exactly how you picture the ceremony taking place. Something to consider is that there are no private beaches in Koh Samui so there is a chance that there will be other people on the beach. However, there are beaches that are less popular and those that are hard to reach so if privacy is of paramount importance for your beach wedding in Koh Samui then speak to your wedding coordinator to help choose a secluded beach area.

How to Pick the Wedding Venue

This will probably be the most fun part – choosing exactly where your wedding will take place, and in Koh Samui, you are spoiled for choice. Each venue will have varying degrees of flexibility particularly if they offer wedding packages. For example, some may not let you use an outside caterer or designer, or they may have certain areas on the property for weddings. They still provide a gorgeous wedding in Samui but if total control over everything is important to you then check out some of the boutique resorts with villas that are usually more flexible with requests and preferences.

How to Pick The Wedding Package

When it comes to packages the cheaper options will be more a one size fit all type of scenario, while more flexible packages generally cost more. But it never hurts to ask if there is something you’d like changed. Weddings are a big part of the local economy and most venues will do their best to be as accommodating as they can for requests.

How to Manage your Budget

The great thing about a wedding in Samui is that the island caters for all budget types, from the money conscious end of the spectrum to ‘pull out all the stops and blow the budget’. The best thing to do is set a realistic budget at the beginning and search for options within it. If you are planning with a strict budget in mind the great thing is that you will find something amazing and memorable within your range. The same goes for big spenders, Koh Samui offers a fabulous wide range high-end luxury wedding options.

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