Social Media Techniques that Compliment Media Monitoring Services

Media monitoring services play a vital role in social media marketing. Without media services, social media managers are flying blind into the public and miss important clues as to how to most effectively do their job. Media monitoring services can make social media campaigns more effective. Media monitoring services and tools help the social media team reach the right consumers through demographic and other detailed reporting features. Media monitoring also helps aid the all-important social role of reputations management of the business and brand name. Media monitoring can also help you define and hone in on your social media marketing goals. Here are 5 ways to pair up social media techniques with media monitoring that will lead you to successful social campaigns and a return on your investment.

1. What Are People Saying About Your Brand?

One of the top uses and reasons for media monitoring services is to see what people and the media are saying about your brand. Monitoring what people say isn’t only about your reputation either. The faster you know you have social mentions or comments, the quicker you can respond. Social media users expect businesses to react and respond very quickly to their complaints, questions, and requests. Media alerts can let you know immediately so that you can respond and keep fans, followers, and customers engaged.

2. Identify the Keywords Used by Your Followers.

Media monitoring can help you identify the types of keywords that are used by your customers, fans, and followers. This is very important information to have because customers do not always necessarily use the same terms you use. When you know the exact term, keyword or key phrase that your customers are using, you can target your social, content and search ranking campaigns accordingly. This expands the range of your reach and ensures that people looking to find you will.

3. Identify Target Demographics to Fine Tune Campaigns.

If you use paid social campaigns, using media monitoring to gain important information like the demographics of your audience is the best way to learn to target and fine tune those campaigns. Better targeting can ensure better results. You will be able to get your social posts in front of those who are more likely to buy your products and service. Part of using media intelligence tools, like those offered by Isentia, to establish the demographics of your followers and your customer base also helps you to identify influencers. Influencers are of key importance to getting the most out of social media campaigns, especially when it comes to paid social media campaigns. Many times, tapping influencers will create more buzz than any other type of campaign. Using media intelligence definitely helps reduce your costs, build your brand, and increase the ROI for your paid social media campaigns.

4. Establish Social Media Goals.

When you start to talk about goals for social media, all too often this includes building followers in large numbers. However, media intelligence can allow you to personalize and target your audience. Remember that quality over quantity definitely applies to social media as well as so many other things in business. Media monitoring can help you pinpoint where your campaign could and should be, which demographics to target, and establish your goals. With social media marketing all goals do not lead to sales. Being social and engaging your audience can bring about branding and keep you top of mind.

5. Measure and Report Results.

Most social media teams have to report to marketing directors and other executives or managers. Media monitoring tools give you access to robust reporting features that allow you to present neat, orderly, and comprehensive reports that will impress.


When it comes to social media marketing, there are many techniques that you can use in conjunction with media monitoring to enhance your marketing efforts all around. Media monitoring tools can help your social media campaigns get to where you want them to go. The four techniques we focused on today were using media monitoring to know what people are saying about your brand, identifying the keywords your customers use, finding the right demographics, establishing social media marketing goals, and measuring and reporting results.

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