Smart Tips To Choose Your Sports Clothes Correctly

Sportswear is one of the most important and valuable in our closet. This set of leggings and bras are essential to feeling comfortable and true support when exercising. Due to the purpose for which they are designed, it is normal that these garments are for everyday use. In addition, considering that they are used for physical activity, it is necessary to wash them every time they are used since it is through them that sweat finally comes out. The million dollar question: if I wash it every day, what can I do so that it does not wear out easily?

Sports garments are usually made with very special materials. Each one of them provides at least one of its most valuable characteristics, be it its elasticity, support, ventilation, etc. They tend to be very resistant, do not lose their colour easily (thanks to nylon and polyester) and are designed to withstand high tensions, so rest assured that their manufacturers already thought about that.

However, a particular material within these pieces, spandex, can be the source of the problem over time. Despite being the most important of all (it is the one that will make the piece flexible and elastic) it tends to lose this capacity due to the frequent use it has received. For this reason, it is essential that you know some tricks to prolong the life of your sportswear and get the most out of what you have. Let’s read some of them:

  • Select delicate programs in the washing machine
  • Always use cold water
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not use softeners or products that are abrasive, rather opt for neutral detergents.
  • Never put the piece under heat (the iron is totally forbidden regardless of the reason)
  • Do not use a dryer, as the tension causes the spandex to deteriorate more quickly.
  • Wash separately, or only next to other sports clothes.
  • Check the manufacturer’s recommendations on the label (there could be one more specific for your product). Like you will get with products from tuffwomen

How Long Do Sports Clothes Last?

Like everything around us, there is a moment of expiration. A sport garment, as many leggings and bras (especially for the latter) are no longer useful for this task when their spandex has degraded and no longer feels any type of restraint.

The materials lose elasticity, creases start to appear, you have to be continuously adjusting the straps, the fillings lose their shape, and more. Sweating and frequent washing are some of the main factors involved in this process. Unless you have many sports clothes to alternate always, be assured that this process will not take too long to occur.

In these cases, the garments must go to the wardrobe section where the clothes “to be at home” are. It is not advisable to use garments that do not provide adequate support, especially with bras. If this happens, then there will be no sense in choosing these pieces instead of wearing a normal t-shirt or top.

A garment, worn with moderate or high intensity, can last from 6 months to a year. Of course, as it was said, this depends on the frequency with which they are used. If you have a few bras and leggings, then it will not be necessary to use them too closely and they can last much longer.

A basic recommendation is to alternate the use as much as possible between the pieces. If you use the bra that you washed as soon as it is dry, then spandex fibres will not have had enough time to reorganize and recover, making it much more difficult to maintain a constant elasticity for the piece.

Also, do not forget how essential it is to use the right size. Abusing the capacity of elasticity of a piece is the simplest way to end with this characteristic of its fibres since they will not be left other than beginning to stretch from one moment to another. The elastic is not there to form pieces of one size that can adapt to any kind of body but is there to provide flexibility when moving. It is essential not to confuse one thing with the other.


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