The Wall Singapore – Bar Where Whisky & Sumiyaki Paired Perfectly

The Wall is a new Whisky & Sumiyaki Bar that seeks to re-orientate the world of whisky drinking in Singapore. It’s mission to demystify whisky drinking, make it friendlier, more accessible, more instantly enjoyable to all. While it may not be as physically imposing as its bigger overseas cousins like the Hadrian’s Wall, the Berlin Wall, the Great Wall of China, even, Trump’s Wall, The Wall is just as grandiose in its ambitions. And it’s in Tanjong Pagar.

Housed in a beautiful two-storey conservation shophouse in an area of Singapore known for its historic architecture, the brick walls on each side of the unit date back to the original construction of the shophouse in the early 1900s. They are magnificently preserved and give the bar its lovely character and its evocative name.

Whisky and its culture take on a totally different aura at The Wall. No longer the sole province of gentlemen with cigars in their club chairs, the golden nectar is democratised and moved into the hands of the hipster on the barstool. Going back to the basics, The Wall melts conventions and builds from the ground up a brand-new appreciation for the age-old ‘eaux de vie’ – the ‘water of life.’

Whisky and Sumiyaki

Guests stepping into the bar are met with warm smiles and handed a full sumiyaki menu. ‘Novices’ less familiar with whisky can start with something they are more comfortable with — the food — and then ease into the drink. Whisky is no longer just an after-dinner enjoyment here, but paired with food to enhance the overall ‘spirit-ual’ adventure. Some 20 top-quality whiskies by the glass are offered on the finely curated list, at very friendly prices starting from $14 per glass, with whisky flights starting at $37.

Whisky flight Omakase Whisky Pairing

Unlike other whisky bars that offer limited or no food, The Wall serves a comprehensive full sumiyaki menu. There are whisky and sumiyaki pairing sets from $49, and Chef’s omakase with whisky at $168.

A whisky tasting chart, indicating the characteristics of whiskies, from delicate to smoky, from light to rich, help guide drinkers in selecting the type of flavour profiles that will suit their palates in a non-intimidating way. The design of The Wall’s 10-seater bar seeks to lessen formality and bring down the barrier between the Bar Manager and the guest. Making whisky hip and young, dispelling misconceptions and conventions, therefore ‘Breaks the Wall’. Pairing whisky with sumiyaki, making it a full partner of the menu, ‘Bridges the Wall’ between food and drink. Sharing the knowledge of whisky with everyone, making it more accessible, ‘Scales the Wall’.

The Wall also demonstrates whisky’s versatility through its whisky-forward cocktails for those who prefer to savour whiskies on another level. Cocktail aficionados are spoilt for choice with a range of classic and bespoke cocktails created by The Wall’s bar manager with their preferences in mind.

Spaces at The Wall

The Wall occupies a historic 2-storey space dominated by 100-year-old brick walls that run its entire two sides. The bare bricks, with their weathered textures and striations, immediately set the tone for both levels. On the cosy lower floor — the bar — the heavy timbered ceiling and bottle- lined walls invite easy banter and slow hours spent over good whisky and delicious plates of sumiyaki. The mellow light casts shadows and the very walls seem to take on the burnished glow of the whisky.

The upper floor is lounge-like, with even lighting and leather club chairs arranged for intimate conversation amid racks of whisky. On the same floor is the private VIP Lounge, where the whisky aficionado and his companions can pay homage to drink and food amidst crimson drapes and a crystal chandelier.

Scale The Wall

And the gems in The Wall’s rare whisky cellar are many; but the megastars include the Yamazaki 50yrs, distilled in 1961 with only 150 bottles worldwide; the (Crystal) Black Bowmore 29yrs 1st edition, with only 5 casks created; and The Macallan 1948 Select Reserve 51yrs, with only 366 bottles available. Also planned are special fortnightly ‘bottle intros’, where exclusive whiskies will be opened and enjoyed.

“At The Wall, we hope to bring forth the natural expression of a whisky. We will constantly source for more unique Independent Bottler whiskies where the whiskies are bottled at casks strength displaying the full flavour of the barrel and elements of the environment they were produced in.” Han Wen, Co-owner. 

The Wall Singapore

Address: 76 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088497 | Opening Hours: 5pm – 1am (Mondays – Saturdays). Closed On Sundays. Tel: +65 6225 7988 | Email: enquiry@thewallsg.comWebsite: | Facebook: TheWallSG | Instagram: thewallsg

With The Wall, the next step in the evolution of whisky appreciation in Singapore is here.

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