Now You Can ‘Go The Distance’ With Panasonic!

Panasonic Asia saw 10 of us bloggers ‘Go The Distance’ to attend its latest blogger event despite the heavy downpour! The event was held at K-Suites, Orchard Parade Hotel which was quite a walk from Orchard MRT Station. I was really surprised to find 9 other bloggers stranded at Wheelock Place – the final sheltered leg of the journey to our destination.

Thankfully, help was just a tweet away! After tweeting our plight to Panasonic Asia, a maxi-cab got us to the event. When we finally got there, some of the bloggers were already well fed and happily singing. Our host, Shu An welcomed us and got Panasonic Asia’s representative to officially kickstart the event.


Panasonic Asia’s Blogger Event had always been challenging and this was no exception. As a build up to launch their latest product (which was still top secret then), we were shown a series of 5 stories. All bloggers were then tasked to create an ending for any of them.


Of course, its easy to just make out any ending, the keyword here is creative! Check out the 5 videos below and share with us your ending in the comments section below.

Story 1: The Usual Spot

Story 2: The Rendezvous

Story 3: The Moment

Story 4 : The Cubicle

Story 5: The Navigator

Once all creative ideas were submitted, we were separated into teams to challenge one another over Pictionary!


Our competition cracking their brains to set something really hard for us to draw and guess.


Christina was appointed as our team drawer!


And she remained in that role for the entire challenge cos she was so good at it!


The other teams did put up a strong fight but


we were just too awesome!


Congratulations to our 3 lucky gals for walking away with the most creative ending awards! Looked like guys are not that well endowed in the creativity and imagination department.


Really happy to win the award for Blogger With The Most Buzz! Apparently based on Radian6, my tweets with #gothedistance obtained the highest number of retweets. Thanks to all my followers 🙂


To us, the party only started when the booze arrived! Happy group shot with Shu Qing, Shawn, Hong Peng and William with our alcoholic drinks!


More cam-whoring moments.


Many of us stayed back till the wee hours to enjoy the booze & sing to our heart’s content.


Now before I forget, its time to reveal Panasonic latest product – Mobile Backup Power for Smartphones! Now with Panasonic, you can Go The Distance!


Thanks Panasonic Asia for this wonderful event! In case you are wondering, keep those booze coming for all future events! 😛

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