How To Advertising For A Small Business On Facebook

Although social media in totality can refer to hundreds of generic and niche specific portals, this post is limited to explain the various options for a small business to advertise it’s brand, products and services on Facebook, the 2nd most popular website on the planet with over 250 million unique visitors.

Targeted Marketplace Advertisements on Facebook

These ads include a picture thumbnail, short headline (25 chars) and some text (90 chars). These are perhaps the oldest Facebook adverts. If you wish to target a set of people in a specific city in Singapore, you can do so by adding ad filters such as location, sex, age, interests, etc. Depending upon the total number of people who’d be exposed to your small business ad, Facebook will quote you a suitable price.

Facebook Page Post Advertisements for Maximum Audience Engagement

Page post ads are perfect for promoting special deals, discounts and events among a targeted set of people. Like regular status updates, pictures, videos and URL links, these ads appear in the news-feed of the target audience. These advertisements can be more effective than standard marketplace ads especially if you’re producing quality content (images, videos, photographs or info-graphics).

Sponsored Stories on Facebook

When a person interacts with your page on Facebook, the buzz travels only as far as 10% of his or her friends. If you wish to increase the likelihood of more people learning about a person’s engagement with a post, picture or video posted on your website, you can have your stories sponsored by Facebook. A sponsored story can be related to someone liking your page, post shares, app installs or activity on an event page.

Promoted Facebook Posts

For a fixed price, you can expose your post updates to friends of your Facebook page fans. For example, if you have 2,000 fans, your posts can appear in the news-feed of up to 20,000 people who might be interested in your products or services.

Millions of people spend several hours a week on Facebook. As people browse through their Facebook news-feed, talk to people, comment on posts and watch videos or check out photographs, they can also get interested in your advertisements, page or posts. Facebook advertising is highly effective but you must not do it without first having a good strategy. The focus in the beginning should be on community building and not leads. Profits will come and they’ll be aplenty provided you’re patient, take one step at a time and remember your long term goals. Start with a small weekly budget, hire an expert social media marketer (if you cannot do it yourself) and create engaging content in one go for a week or month with the help of a professional.

As small businesses in Singapore embark on their cloud journeys, invest heavily on a stronger online presence and gear up to outsmart competition by adopting latest business practices, it’s important to consider exploiting the social media, an unstoppable wave of transformation on the World Wide Web.

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