Singapore Teens’ Top Social Media Platforms Besides Facebook

According to Rock Publicity, a social media consulting company, more than 80% of Singapore residents have household internet access. Around 31% of these internet users are in the age bracket between 15 to 24. Clearly, a large number of teenagers in Singapore are using internet and various social media platforms. While Facebook is undoubtedly the world number 1, in this post, we’re going to discuss 4 other social media platforms that Singaporean teens are using:

1. Twitter

Around 49 percent of Singapore’s population is on Twitter! Compared to the world average, teenage population hooked on to Twitter, a micro-blogging portal in Singapore is much bigger. While teenagers are logged in on their twitter account for about 40 hours in a month, they spend as much as 7 hours tweeting or reading tweets posted by others here. One teenager posts around 77 tweets per month and has roughly 147 followers. Half of them are using twitter via their Smartphones and post tweets in many languages in Singapore.

2. YouTube

On an average, a teenager in Singapore is likely to watch roughly around 150 YouTube videos each month. In a month, total time spent watching YouTube videos in various languages in Singapore is around 695 minutes.

3. LinkedIn

Although LinkedIn is not very popular with young teens, others are now embracing the world’s biggest professional network. 12.5 percent of Singaporeans had a LinkedIn account in 2012 and a large number of these users are teenagers in the age group 17-19, using LinkedIn primarily for professional networking.

4. Pinterest

Singaporean teenagers spend roughly around 1.9 hours a month (active) on Pinterest, a new but immensely social media platform. Compared to LinkedIn, teenagers in Singapore are more inclined to use Pinterest.

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  1. youtube you mean watching only right? how many people make own videos?

  2. LinkedIn for teens? I think they are too young for that!

  3. GerryClimb

    Pinterest for gals more bah…..


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