The Mental Health Benefits Of Travelling

There is a huge trend currently on travelling and sharing your travels on social media. This drives a lot of desire to jet off somewhere exotic, we’re sure you’ve already thought about it today. The tourism industry and travelling have changed a lot over the last decade. The cost of flights and accommodation has dropped in many areas, making travel to certain destinations more accessible to more people. We are here to share the mental health benefits of travelling.

This increase in accessibility has led to a huge boom in the aviation and tourism industry. This means not only does the current generations travel further afield for less but their general attitudes towards travel and tourism has changed.  

With more disillusionment in younger generations jobs and living situations, particularly Millenials, more are turning to spend their money on experiences and travel rather than material possessions. This can be driven by a desire for adventure, to experience a new culture or even just add to your Instagram profile. The common denominator has to be the feeling that it gives people. No one can argue that travelling abroad doesn’t make you feel good.

In the past few years, awareness for those who struggle with mental health is more than ever. Many are now far more aware of their mental state and practices which promote good mental health are now at the forefront of most. There are some clear links between improving mental health and travelling, whether it helps depression or anxiety. Let’s take a look at some of the ways travelling can help here. 

Mental Health & Travelling Abroad

So what can help mental health issues and why is travelling important? There are a huge number of methods people are turning to when combating their mental health, which includes new therapy techniques. Travelling is one of the lesser-known methods of dealing with mental health issues. 

So how does this help those with issues with their mental health? Travelling obviously isn’t a cure for all of these issues but there is an extensive number of benefits which helps support those struggling. Whether it be the need to recharge after a long period of working or something to help you with some mental health problems. 

When you put the words travel and mental health together, there’s an instant parallel – whether it’s ‘I can’t wait to relax’, ‘I can’t wait to take a break’ or ‘I can’t wait for a week of all-inclusive food and drink.’ Whatever it may be, there’s a switch in your head that immediately flicks to ‘relaxation mode’ and you’re finally in your happy place. 

Travelling Gives You a Change of Scenery

Many of the modern generations are disillusioned with globalisation and how all cities and urban areas are made to look the same. Whether it be due to their daily commute or just the general urban environment they live in, a change is often needed.  

This is why changing the scenery with travelling is very appealing for young people. It helps them engage with their surroundings more and regain lust for life. These new environments can help give you inspiration for your work or your studying, helping give you back that drive. Travelling can be the perfect way to restore yourself.

Staying in one place and doing the same thing every day may be a comfort to some but for others, it can often make you feel trapped both physically and mentally. Switching up your daily routine and location by journeying somewhere new will help stimulate your mind, boost your happiness levels and make you feel like you’re doing something worthwhile with your time.

Travelling Promotes Independence

With the current housing crisis in the UK, it is harder than ever for young people to move out permanently. This robs them of their independence and makes them feel trapped, denying them the growth of moving out and starting for yourself. 

Setting yourself the challenge of going travelling for a few weeks (or months!) will definitely give you a sense of independence. This will allow you to experiment with many tasks or responsibilities not available to you, like budgeting and putting yourself out there in new areas. Staying in hostels is the perfect time to do this.

All these classic travelling experiences can seem daunting, but you’ll realise just how good they’ve been for you when you get home and find simple day-to-day situations so much easier to handle.

Help Find Yourself

The classic line “find yourself” when travelling is still there. While it may be a cliche at this point, a lot of cliches have some element of truth behind them. Travelling certainly can help with mental health issues and self-reflection is a big part of it as taking time to examine who and what you are is a huge step towards finding yourself and being mentally healthy. 

Travelling allows you to undergo a period of self-reflection. You have the chance to evaluate yourself in a holistic way alongside your thoughts and how you choose to change or adapt these for the better. Doing this while travelling provides you with a good space in which to do this. 

Before You Go…

If you are going on holiday, you’ll have better peace of mind if all of your documents are ready. Be aware of countries that may need visas. Paperwork can be a mess but luckily these days, countries such as Oman will offer an Oman E-Visa, so it can all be done online before you go. Even Canada is offering a form of electronic visa through a Canada eTA. Make sure you get down to your Birmingham travel agents and book an exciting trip. 

Make sure that all your travel documents are in order, with your passport being valid with 6 months left on it before you travel. Research where you are travelling, looking into the culture and dress code that is acceptable so you can enjoy your trip without any complications. 

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