Benefits Of cPanel Dedicated Servers And Hosting

cPanel dedicated servers can transform your web presence, and enhance your business practices. For many, cPanel is synonymous with web hosting. And if you’ve used it in the past, then you know that it’s a decent way to manage your servers. Whether you prefer cloud or dedicated servers, the one thing you’ll find about it is that it’s great for all platforms on which it’s deployed. But, that’s not all. The interface many more benefits. These include:

Easy Navigation

One of the best advantages of using cPanel in your hosting and dedicated servers in that it’s very user-friendly. It’s designed in such a manner that just about anyone, regardless of their tech-savviness, can use it.

Upon signing on, you’ll see every necessary icon you need to launch, install, run apps and maintain your dedicated server. Without cPanel, you would literally have to input codes and commands.

This means that if you’re not familiar with coding and programming, it would be difficult to deploy most of the functions you need on your dedicated server. With cPanel and its many one-click installs, you can set up anything you want within minutes.

Easy Fixes Because it’s Popular

Have an issue? The cPanel is one of the most popular hosting interfaces out there. This means that there’s literally no issue you have with it, that you cannot do a search on google for solutions.

If you can’t do that, all server companies have specialists who can fix those problems very quickly.  This is very important because time is of the essence when you’re dealing with a lot of data or processing a lot of information.

And if your website is on the server, experts can quickly spot any problems, thus preventing any prolonged website downtime.

Supports Many Operating Systems

This is a highly dynamic interface that allows for usage on as many operating systems as possible. While it was originally built on Linux, the cPanel runs smoothly on macOS, Windows OS, and other operating systems.

Its dynamic applicability is one of the reasons why it’s so popular among server providers like ServerMania, and regular users. It’s also why many others offer cPanel dedicated servers.

The user interface makes it very easy to deploy all server operations from its graphical interface. While there are other options that can do this, cPanel is by far, the easiest option out there. Its one-click install makes all these possible.  

Provides an Affordable Server Solution

This is a highly affordable option for everyone. So, whether you run a small, medium or large business, cPanel provides an option for everyone.

This is why it’s easy for people to start using it with one website and shared hosting, and transition to dedicated servers.

You only pay as you go, and according to your usage. It makes it impossible for you to use more than you need. This also makes a budget-friendly option that works for all users.  

Works with Most Web Hosting Service Providers

If you’ve ever had to struggle with multiple interfaces provided by different web hosting companies, then you know the pain that cPanel has solved. This interface is incredibly consistent.

This ability to provide a sense of consistency among different platforms is why users and companies love it. This minimizes and completely eliminates the learning curve associated with different web hosts in the past.

In fact, before cPanel became popular, you had to learn the interface of every web hosting or server company whose products you wanted to use.

But with cPanel now, that’s completely unnecessary. Once you log in, you’ll be met with the same familiar interface. This makes it easy for you to be up and running in no time.

Has Many Useful Add-Ons

From softaculous to WHM and features for add-on domains, email servers/clients, multiple CMS’, and tools there are so many third-party applications that you can integrate into the platform.

Fantastico, for instance, allows you to install over 50 scripts and applications from other libraries within a minute. In that past, those processes would have taken hours.

Auto installers like Fantastico are the reason why many small businesses can set up their servers within minutes.

Has Many Skins

If you like styling and having a dynamic or a different looking interface, cPanel provides the options.

Thanks to an abundance of multiple skins, you can transform your interface from barebones and functional to aesthetically pleasing interface design. Some skins also provide options that allow you to incorporate custom pages on the interface.

Provides Lots of Important Updates

Before cPanel, security, website, and server updates were manually done. Sometimes, you didn’t even know that they were available until you logged in. And even then, these updates would take forever, as you’d have to deploy them one after the other.

With cPanel, updates are not only deployed automatically, but they can also be done simultaneously and concurrently. So, you can update your database’s security, and while that running, update your WordPress site and plugins at the same time.

It’s a pretty amazing tool that has revolutionized and made server management easy. If you’re thinking of a dedicated server option, cPanel dedicated servers should be at the top of your list. 

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