5 Amazing Costa Rica Beaches To Soak In The Sun

If you are a beach lover, Costa Rica is just the country for you. The country commands unbroken western and eastern coastlines facing the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea respectively. Together with a nice tropical climate, clear and warm waters, rainforests that border the sand and seemingly endless sunshine, you have the perfect recipe for amazing, picturesque beaches. Whether you are a tourist, living there, or looking to volunteer in Costa Rica, you will thank us for pointing you to 5 amazing Costa Rica beaches to soak in the sun! For the best party destination, the place you have to visit is night life Puerto Valarta.

1. Costa Rica Beaches – Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio beach is part of the stunning Manuel Antonio National Park. There are actually 4 great beaches in the park, but the eponymous beach is the most famous. Its popularity and proximity to San José (only around 80 km away) mean that events and beach parties are often hosted here. It is a renowned surf spot, so even if you don’t surf yourself, you’ll have something to watch while you soak up some rays. If you decide you want a change of scenery, you can just hop over to one of the park’s other 3 beaches. Perfect!

As with many beaches in the country, the rainforest has grown right up to the sand in many places here, which makes for an epic natural backdrop. The fact that the rainforest is protected means it should at least retain some of its soul despite its popularity.

2. Costa Rica Beaches – Santa Teresa

This beach is located in the small beach town of Santa Teresa, in the Puntarenas province. It is much quieter than Manuel Antonio, although its popularity is growing. The beach and several other beaches in the area are great for surfing, and there are some lovely places to stay in the town.

The only potential problem is the accessibility of the town, as it is only reachable via several miles of dirt road. In truth though, this is a blessing in disguise. It massively limits the traffic coming into town and therefore helps to preserve the quaint small-town charm of the area. It has so far largely escaped the heinous multi-story concrete developments that so often scourge beautiful beaches around the world, making it a great party town to get away from tourist hotspots like Jaco.

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3. Costa Rica Beaches – Samara

Head north from Santa Teresa, up the western coastline of the Nicoya Peninsula, and you will eventually reach Samara. This stretch of coastline is a tropical paradise, and the vibe of the whole place is exceptionally laid-back.

Any serious surfers looking for a good break might be a little disappointed as the waves are better suited for beginners. This does, however, make the beach safer in a lot of respects, with fewer big waves to crash on your head while you swim.

4. Costa Rica Beaches – Conchal

The name of this beach presumably refers to the sand being made up of crushed shells, which provides a lovely feeling underfoot. The water is usually an incredible shade of turquoise and also very calm, making it a great spot for some relaxed swimming. The beach is in the famous Guanacaste province and easily accessible, with a number of hotels nearby.

5. Costa Rica Beaches – Punta Uva

Over on the Caribbean-facing eastern coastline in Limón province, is the fabulous Punta Uva beach. It’s truly beautiful, even in the context of Costa Rica, which is really saying something. The snorkelling, swimming, and surfing here are both good, so you won’t be short of entertainment. Despite the beach itself feeling remote and undeveloped, it is fairly well connected to facilities and nearby towns.

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You will be spoiled for beach choices in Costa Rica

The country named for its rich coast is unsurprisingly and without a doubt one of the ultimate destinations in the world for beaches. The examples here come nowhere close to exhausting the list of mind-blowing beaches in Costa Rica. Realistically, you could rock up at just about any area of coastline on either side of the country and find a beach that would rival even the best that most countries have to offer. It is one of the top things to do in Costa Rica.

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