Factors That Affect Cataract Surgery Costs In Singapore

What do you usually do when you get sick? Of course, you go to the doctor, have yourself checked and get treatment. But do you know that there are people who avoid medical care even if it is needed? They put their health at risk and worst, it can cause their lives. What do you think is the reason why they avoid medical care? Mostly, their reason is “I am not that sick” or “I will get better”. Others will say “I do not want to hear bad news about my health” or “I do not like doctors”. And lastly, the main reason for avoiding medical care is the concern about the COST of treatment.

Some people cannot afford the high cost of medical care and they’d rather save their money for their everyday needs like food instead of going to the doctor and get treatment. I mentioned the concern about the cost because in this article we will discuss the factors that affect cataract surgery cost in Singapore.  Keep reading the article to know more about it.

Before we talk about the cataract surgery cost in Singapore and the factors that affect the varying prices, let us first have a quick overview of cataracts.

What is a Cataract?

The clouding of the lens in the human eye is called a cataract. It will make the simplest task hard to do because it impairs your vision. A cataract is the primary cause of vision loss of most people who are aged over 40 and cataracts are also the main reason for blindness all over the world. This is not a simple vision problem. Consult your doctor right away if you are experiencing any problem with your vision.

What are the symptoms of a cataract?

  • Dim, distorted or blurred vision
  • Sensitive to light
  • Colors look faded
  • Difficulty in seeing at night
  • Seeing a halo when looking at bright lights
  • Difficulty in seeing details

What causes cataracts?

Cataracts are caused by old age and the build-up of protein in the lens of the eye. It can affect the side, back or center of the lens. They can also form in one eye or both eyes. Other possible causes can be because of previous eye surgery, diabetes, smoking, previous eye injury, ultraviolet radiation, hypertension, obesity or family history.

There is an eye clinic in Singapore headed by Dr Claudine Pang who has performed thousands of cataract surgeries and was able to give us an estimate of cataract surgery cost in Singapore. Let us take a look first if how much will be the estimate cataract surgery cost in Singapore.

Cataract surgery cost in Singapore

You will be charged an estimate of $1,300 – $4,000 per eye depending on the private or public hospital where you are going to have your cataract surgery. You need to prepare an estimate of $4,500-$6,000 if you are going to get a premium lens. According to Dr Claudine Pang, this is just an estimate price, in calculating the full amount you also need to consider other fees. As well as there might be a medical complication, which we cannot be avoided sometimes, that makes your treatment more complicated and will add to the total cost.

Operating room. Small surgical intervention

What are the factors that affect cataract surgery cost in Singapore?

1. Cataract Assessment

Before you undergo the surgery, the doctor needs to make an eye assessment first. The size and shape of your eyes will be measured, this will help determine the right lens implant for you. The procedure of the surgery will be discussed too, so you can ask the doctor whatever questions you have in mind about the surgery.

2. Type of procedure

The equipment used in each type of procedure affects the cost of the surgery.

3. Cataract surgery facility

It is either you have your surgery in the hospital or an outpatient surgery clinic. Comparing the two, it is more cost-efficient having surgery in an outpatient surgery clinic. They perform the same procedure and care but at a lower cost compared to the ones done in the hospital. And it is much more convenient and relaxed in an outpatient surgery clinic like the one headed by Dr. Claudine Pang.

4. Eye surgeon’s fee

The cost of the eye surgeon’s fee depends on the skill and experience of the surgeon. If you have a surgeon for your cataract surgery, then you might need to prepare a little higher amount.

5. Type of IOL (intraocular lens)

There are different types of implant lens. The cost depends on what type of lens is right for your surgery. According to Dr. Claudine Pang, the most commonly used IOL is the Monofocal IOL. There are two more types of implant lens which are the Multifocal IOL and Toric IOL. Your doctor will help you determine what is the right IOL for your surgery.

6. Post-surgery visit

After the surgery you will be scheduled for a post-surgery visit to check your wound to avoid any complications. Of course, this will be an additional cost.

7. Insurance

cataract surgery in Singapore is insurance claimable. Dr. Claudine Pang also mentioned that it is Medisave claimable. You can expect to claim $2,450 off the surgical cost from Medisave. For insurance, it depends on your policy. There is a possibility that you can claim up to the full amount of cost including pre and post-surgery visits.


It is indeed expensive to have a problem with your health, especially the problem with your eyes. That is why it is important to seek medical care as early as possible to prevent it from getting worse. Also, make sure you choose a good doctor like Dr Claudine Pang at #15-10 The Paragon, 290 Orchard Rd,
Singapore 238859 who has a passion for quality patient care.

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