3 Good Areas To Buy Property In Singapore

Singapore is one of the economic powerhouses in the globe and houses some of the biggest global companies. Home to a very competent and skilled workforce, a lot of investors and business owners are attracted to the country. When it comes to investing in real estate properties, Singapore is one of the most popular choices, not just because of the growing economy and commercial construction finance, but also because of the luxurious locations found within the country. Here are some key locations where you can buy property in Singapore.


One of the busiest places in Singapore, Orchard is home to a lot of commercial stores and buildings. It is treated as the centre of Singapore because of its rich culture and adverse economic welfare it offers.

If you are into fashion, this is the place to go as it houses a lot of fashion stores in the area, not to mention it includes some of the most exclusive labels in the fashion industry. The whole area is spread out throughout the Orchard road, making it accessible to cars and is easy to traverse.

One of the main reasons this place is the best place to go investing in real estate property is the Singaporean government is looking to build more or less 20,000 apartment units along the Orchard road. This is to enhance both the day and nightlife of the area where people can go to work as well as have fun 24/7.

This is an attractive deal for real estate investors since the first people to invest in the housing project will be the people who will be pioneering one of the most extravagant tourist housing in the world.

Sentosa Cove

Sentosa Cove houses a lot of ultra-rich people. Most of the people living in the area own their swimming pools and tennis courts or other private recreational areas. Also, a lot of properties here are mostly vacation homes, since the municipality is surrounded by the sea, making it a tourist destination too.

If you are looking to buy a property here, consider setting your budget from $15 million to $35 million, sometimes even more than that. If you are looking for a temporary residence here, apartments can go from 25 thousand dollars or higher, which can be just as high as owning a residential home.

Also consider checking the occupancy rate. Most properties here are unoccupied, meaning there are little to no clients and customers looking for an apartment or buying a house in the area. A low client base can suppress the prices of these properties, so it is best if you buy a property to let people rent it in the tourist season.

East Coast

If you are into the nightlife, consider buying a property on the East Coast. The east coast includes places like Marine Parade, Kalong, and the area surrounding Tanjong Rhu and Fort Road. Katong is mostly famous for being centred on the nightlife since it is a place with a lot of chic bars and fancy restaurants.

Also, a lot of food hubs reside in the area, making it famous for a site offering a lot of Singaporean delicacies, which is also a tourist spot for travelers. If you are looking to shop, however, there are two community malls in the area, namely i12 Katong and Parkway Parade, which is just aligned with the next street in Marine Parade.

A lot of people can also be seen jogging around the area early in the morning since you will be traversing 5-10 minutes worth of walk to get to the park that connects with the Changi and Pasir Ris. Taking the route to the south will take you to the Marine bay area.

One of the places that have been gaining a buzz lately is the Seaside Residences. The properties facing the sea are all reclaimed land issued by the government, so, understandably, it is picking up the attention of a lot of real estate investors. Also, because of the upcoming project of creating an MRT line in the area, demand has been picking up because of the accessibility, it will give the place.

Also, Fort Road and Tanjong Rhu are the right places to buy property for residential homes since the area has multiple sports hubs, and it is where the National Stadium is located.


A lot of projects regarding the rejuvenation of some of Singapore’s wealthiest areas have been announced by the government, and it has been recently gaining a lot of attention from buyers and investors alike. Prices will be going up soon, so investing right now in the places listed above will earn you a lot of profit in the future.

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