HANS IM GLÜCK Singapore – Savour Healthier German Gourmet Burger

Truth be told, we love good old juicy, greasy American burgers. When HANS IM GLÜCK, Germany’s most celebrated gourmet burger grill chain came into Singapore on 10 December 2017, we were a little sceptical. Located at 362 Orchard Road, HANS IM GLÜCK Singapore bangs hard on German’s reputation of creating close to perfect everything which in this case – amazing supposedly healthy gourmet burgers. We decided to pay a visit to HANS IM GLÜCK Singapore flagship restaurant which would be the first of three burger restaurants slated to open in Singapore and the 50th chain internationally to personally sample their claim. 

HANS IM GLÜCK Singapore – The Interiors

We were rather surprised by HANS IM GLÜCK Singapore’s sophisticated forest ambience interior that greeted us as we entered the foyer. From floor to ceiling, the restaurant is interspaced with birch trees that give everyone a casual yet refreshing ‘into the woods’ dining experience. We were a little unsure of the function of the tangled plush on every seat. Was it for decoration, to hug or just to rest our butts on it?

HANS IM GLÜCK Singapore – The Menu

The menu reflected its interior decor and we love how they have thoughtfully added the colloquial ‘Lah’ to its specials menu to make Singaporeans feel more at home. While bratwurst sausages and pork knuckles have been stereotypically defined as German cuisine, HANS IM GLÜCK Singapore stands apart by offering gourmet burgers made from sustainable and high-quality produce aimed at the health-conscious diner. That being so, the flavour of each burger remains unwaveringly good.

Some of the menu items may seem a little foreign but their friendly service folks are more than happy to recommend something that suits your palate or diet.

HANS IM GLÜCK Singapore – The Burgers!

It did not take long before our orders were served! Staring right at you is their signature burger – HANS IM GLÜCK which assembles Parmesan cheese, Parma ham, rocket leaves and balsamic glaze! We paired it with KRAUTKNOLLE –  a traditional German white cabbage salad with potato dressing.

The other burger we ordered was the ELSÄSSER Brie cranberries Burger which was accompanied by  SÜSSKARTOFFEL^FRITTEN – sweet potato fries. 

Before you tuck in, you must check out their amazing range of HANS IM GLÜCK Singapore sauces which are their secret recipe perfectly complements the burgers.

HANS IM GLÜCK Singapore – Why Is It Amazing & Healthy?

The founders of the restaurant have a personal obsession with the juiciness of each beef patty. They painstakingly sourced for the best beef butchery to create the perfect fat to flavour ratio of beef used in each patty. Folks who are watching their waistline have a choice between sourdough or multigrain buns or the “naked” burger (patties wrapped in lettuce and vegetables). But that’s a little too healthy for us.

The patties are made from 100 percent beef or chicken breast meat. The restaurant also offers a wide choice of meatless creations with a variety of tasty ingredients for vegetarians and vegans. There are at least seven vegetarian burger options, like the ABENDROT burger which features a unique olive patty with hard cheese, grilled vegetable tartare & rocket. Vegans have at least four burger options, which include the FABELHAFTER burger comprising of a wheat patty, avocado cream, orange and mustard sauce & herb salad.

HANS IM GLÜCK Singapore – The Drinks

Other than the burgers, HANS IM GLÜCK’s very own cocktail creations have also drawn a steady following in Germany. The large 180-seater restaurant features two bars –one outdoor which overlooks greenery and one indoor, both which serves signature cocktails to customers who want to hop in for a nightcap. You get to compliment your burger experience with the LEICHTSINN (made from Baileys, Amaretto and strawberries) or the GOLDREGEN (made from vodka, elderflower, mango, pineapple, passionfruit and lemon). We went for the festive special that evening as it was pretty close to Chinese New Year then. It was tangy and really refreshing. 

HANS IM GLÜCK Singapore – The Verdict

We love the entire dining experience. The interiors were inviting and we could feel the sincerity and warmth of the service folks. The burgers were surprisingly good and we did not walk away with the guilt of a sinful indulgence. The restaurant would be fantastic for healthy diners who are looking to satisfy their burger cravings. However, folks who love the typical American style sinful burgers may feel that HANS IM GLÜCK Singapore fall short of the wow factor. Don’t take our word for it, click on the button below to make your reservations today! 

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