6 Unknown But Beautiful Places To Visit In The USA

From serene islands to historical towns and dazzling nature, the USA is much more than its famous landmarks. For your next trip, head off the beaten track for a truly memorable visit to the USA:

An island getaway

Mackinac Island, Michigan

As a day-trip or a longer stay, Mackinac Island is loved by locals and visitors from across the USA for its charming, Victorian-style houses and old-world feel – cars are not allowed on the island. Walk, rent a bike or take a horse-drawn carriage ride to explore the island, and don’t forget to stop in the main street to buy some famous Mackinac fudge!

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Wisconsin

For a true island getaway, you can’t do better than the Apostle Islands: twenty-one islands in Lake Superior boast green forests, amazing caves and picturesque lighthouses. Try to plan a visit in winter, when the icicles lining the seaside caves create a beautiful, sparkling effect.

Explore historical America

Fredericksburg, Texas

Founded by German immigrants back in 1846, this town once served as a layover point for travellers heading out west. Today, its 19th-century architecture including a beautiful German market square and the surrounding wine country make it the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for some old-world charm in the middle of the new world!

Natchez, Mississippi

Natchez is the oldest settlement on the Mississippi River. It is steeped in American history, from the Antebellum houses, many situated in the middle of large plantations, to the Fork in the Roads Market, which featured the most active slave trade in the whole of Mississippi. To truly soak up the historical feeling of the place, stay in one of the Antebellum-style B&Bs and sip a mint julep on the porch in the afternoon, before heading out to one of the many restaurants to eat your fill of classic Southern cuisine.

For nature-lovers

Cache River State Natural Area, Illinois

The Cache River park is home to just one of Illinois’ many famous swamps, but unlike its better-known counterparts, such as the Everglades and Okefenokee, it has remained under the radar, welcoming only 200,000 visitors per year. Rent a canoe for $15 per person per day to explore six miles of paddling trails past huge cypress and tupelo trunks, or explore over 20 miles’ worth of walking trails on foot.

Garden of the Gods, Colorado

This stunning public park features incredible red rock formations created by a geological upheaval millions of years ago. The park, which spans 5,5 km, is home to five different ecosystems: cottonwood-willow, prairie-grassland, mountain shrub, pinyon-juniper, and ponderosa pine. In accordance with the final wish of its one-time owner, Charles Perkins, entry to this amazing park is free to the public.

Whether you’re looking for historical America or seeking a nature-fuelled getaway, the USA has it all. Getting your visa for the USA from the UK is easy – you can skip the visa-application and apply for an ESTA instead. From your ESTA’s duration to rules for dual nationals, find out everything you need to know at Application ESTA.

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